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Responsibility – it’s the difference between a powerful individual, who is in control of their life and a powerless individual who isn’t accountable for anything and lives out of control in their life.

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In this article, we will be taking a look at the foundation of taking responsibility.

1. What Age Do We Start Taking Responsibility At?
2. The Cookie Crumb Analogy
3. The 3 Causes Of Irresponsibility.
4. The 4 Steps Of Responsibility

1. What Age Do We Start Taking Responsibility At?:

There are many stages in life were in the social world we all get to take new steps towards living more independently. For example, when you get your driver’s license you are not considered responsible enough to drive. Perhaps it’s when you first move out you’re considered responsible enough to live on your own. When you become old enough to start babysitting other kids, you’ve certainly gained a new level of responsibility.

When we talk about taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life, and I mean everything it actually starts a lot sooner than most people would like to think.

You are responsible for all of your actions from the minute you started:

  • Moving
  • Acting
  • Reacting
  • Talking
  • Breathing on your own


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We aren’t talking about the governing law here. We are talking about you, your conscious, subconscious mind and your growth.

If you’re someone that’s ready to step in their power. Take their power back, then this is something you should begin to consider, start accepting in your life and begin to discover the level of responsibility you can take in your life.

As a result of taking 100% responsibility you’ll feel:

  • Power: You’ll begin to experience a new type of power in your life.
  • Control: You will feel like you have control over yourself. You are the only person or thing in this world that you can control. The only power we have over other people is only through influence. Influence is freeing and lets others choose their path.
  • Creation: You’ll begin to notice that what you can create is unlimited.
  • Clarity: You will be able to define and recognize a whole new reality in your life.
  • New Direction: You’ll be able to guide your direction in life through intention.

How You Are 100% Responsible For Your Life:

  • Firstly, it starts with your thoughts, every single thought you have creates some kind of emotion.
  • Secondly, once your thoughts turn into emotions. Those emotions show on your face & way of being.
  • Further, those thoughts & emotions become transformed through your words and into actions you take.
  • Lastly, those thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are all 100% your responsibility regardless of what other people say or do.

2. The Cookie Crumb Analogy:

This is how I find what I’m responsible for in life. It’s the easiest way I could break down how your 100% responsible for your life.

The Cookie:

  • You’re the cookie.

The Crumbs Represent:

  • The things you think about.
  • The emotions you feel.
  • The words you speak.
  • The actions you take.

As you go through life you creating results you leave these crumbs behind. They form a path behind you. They are proof of how you’re responsible for everything in your life.

In hindsight, those crumbs give you a lot of insight about what you’re accountable for. They also show you a clear path to what and how you’ve created your results in your life.

Reflecting On Your Crumbs:

Taking a look back & reflecting on the crumbs that you’ve created will give you powerful insight on how you show up in life. They will also show you what new actions you can take in the future.

3. The 3 Causes Of Irrisponsibiliy:

We’ve all done this at some in our lives. These are some of the ways that human beings tend to avoid taking full responsibility in life.

  1. Blaming others, it’s never my fault. Someone else did it. Choosing to take no responsibility for your contribution. Often times people who are focused on blaming others, are insecure & never satisfied in their life.
  2. Excuses, someone of something else stopped me for making it happen. Excuses have a lot of control over us. When we use excuses we have no control over ourselves.
  3. Complaining, being dissatisfied about an experience that we most likely got ourselves into. You act as if someone forced you to do it but nobody forces you to do anything. Taking responsibility will allow you to see how you get into these situations you don’t desire. Sometimes you’ll sign up to attend an event. Then you’ll regret having to go as if someone forced you to go. Stop complaining about the thing and start to find solutions. What can you learn from the actions that you’ve taken in the past?

Pay attention to what you say, you’ll notice new patterns and ways of being that stop you from taking responsibility for things in your life. They leave you feeling powerless, weak & out of control. Nobody does this to you as you do it to yourself.

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4. The 4 Steps Of Responsibility:

1. Reflect; where you were out of alignment.
What is being in alignment? Your values & standards, considering other people’s values & standards..)
2. Recognize; & own where you stepped out of alignment.
3. Prepare; for a new step. Create intentions for a new direction in the future.
4. Action; take new actions; share with others, have conversations that help you and other people feel complete about what happened. Create solutions for yourself.
Taking a journey back to what had happened is totally encouraged if you don’t hang out in the past. Always look for solutions & healing. Learn from past mistakes. Turn all of you  “should have’s” into new actions in the present moment.
Julia Maria Nica

Life & Dream Coach

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. After high school, Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unraveling the pain of her life. Today she focuses on building The You Series, writing content, coaching her clients, and creating new courses.