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Our Mission:

To Create Content That Sparks Ideas,
Confidence and Dreams In Our Community Globally

At Our Core:

The YOU Series is a community focused on  3 core areas. The 3 valuable factors for living a great energy filled-life. To build health, wealth, love & the relationships you want in your life. We’ve broken it up into 3 main focuses.

1. The Dream YOU:

Building confidence, self-trust and self-love through healing and nurturing your mind body and soul!

2. Your Dream COMMUNITY:

Overflowing with love from ourselves to our family, friends and partner in love. We all have the opportunity to create a powerful community around us.

3. Your Dream CAREER:

Your dream of contributing to this world, and WHY the things you do daily fulfill you? Your vision with a plan in place! Having financial goals and building your financial wealth.

The Dream YOU:

Mind, Body, and Soul Alignment.

This is all about creating and showing up as the best confident version of yourself! How you see yourself, and who you are becoming.

  1. Your Health
  2. Your Self-Love Level
  3. Your Inner Relationship!



How healthy is your mind, body and soul? Nurture you mind, unravel deeper levels of self-love and peel back your layers and get to the core of who you are.

Your SELF-LOVE Level:

Are you taking care of yourself first and foremost? Body health, prioritizing your body, being focused, intune and aware of your body.


How do you treat yourself when you fall short? Finding complete alignment and fulfillment in who you are, learning to treat yourself with kindness, positivity, grace and love when things come up.

Community HEALTH

Do you have healthy conversations with the people in your community?

Community LOVE

Are you surrounded by a community that embraces one another?


How do you hold the relationships in your community?

Your Dream Community:

Build Powerful Relationships.

Do you love the relationships that you have in your life? Community stands for the people that you’re surrounded by, that matter to you, like your partner, spouse, family, friends, and other connections.

  1. Community health
  2. Community love level
  3. Community relationships

Your Dream CAREER:

Do what you love!

The average person spends 40 hours +, a week at work. Your career matters, it has an impact on how you feel about yourself. Everything that you’ve ever done for work fall under career!

  1. Career health
  2. Career love level
  3. Career relationships


Career Health

Why do you do, what you do everyday? Are you fulfilled in your job? Getting super clear on what fuels you day in and out.

Career Love

Do you love what you do? Also do you respect the money coming into your life? What’s your relationship with money?

Career Relationship

How do you show up at work? Are you a team player? Effective at connecting with people and working together?

Our Top 5 Core Values:

Health Centred

Health comes first. Everything leads back to health. Health is the greatest wealth.

Heart Centered

Unconditional love and gratitude. Focusing and observing the good in others

Community Of Trust

Integrity, reliability, non-judgement, boundaries, accountability, generosity and service.

Unlimited Vision

Believe in YOU, create YOUR vision daily, and being a source of creativity.


Always ASK QUESTIONS, seeking a greater understanding and step outside of conformity.


Listening to understand, having – vulnerability, asking about others, and asking for help

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