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Let me introduce myself; my name is Julia Maria Nica. I include my middle name because I use to dislike my name when I was much younger. In my adult years, I’ve learned to embrace everything I am. I gain my fulfillment through running an online brand named The You Series.

As a result of revisiting my life experience, I’ve found my passion for working with people – Life Coaching focuses on subjects like finding a life mission, accountability, peace, ownership, and dreams. On a more personal level, you’ll see I have a deep interest in learning about how the online world works and business.


Let's talk manifestation:

Manifestation is a compelling subject, and some people make it out to be very “woo woo.” Yes, there are components to it that aren’t visible to the human eye. In a logical form, It’s quite tangible. Here is why all of our thoughts and actions do lead us to a result.

Bear with me as I walk you through a few different steps, but also break down the logic of the manifestation process. What makes it real and also how we can guide our outcome.

I hope that this article will encourage you to live more boldly – get rid of all the circumstances that don’t serve you and move into a space of more alignment. You can have more trust in yourself, gain contentment and start to see the positive rewards of right soul alignment through positive manifestation.

The Logic Of Manifestation:

Thoughts turn into feelings. Feelings turn into actions. When we feel a certainmanifestation way, we either react or respond. Finally, actions give us our results. 

“Our thoughts manifest into our reality.”

We are in manifestation all the time:

Though for some people it’s not intentional. We aren’t always living in alignment with our soul’s purpose. It’s not a positive manifestation, but more so negative. When it’s negative, it clashes with our true soul purpose of complete peace and alignment.

Also remember that you cannot go out and deliberately wish, ask for, or hope for someone else to experience misfortunes. Manifestation is something that happens to you and me.. for our greater good.

We can plant bad seeds in our minds in the form of thoughts that negatively effect us but we cannot wish harm on others in manifestation and while doing this work. It’s important to edit out thoughts often and do season weeding, removing what doesn’t work and adding in new seeds of what does serve you, your goals, and dreams.

Growing up I was very attached to the people in my life, fitting in and the results I got always mattered but what mattered more so was other people’s opinions. I would scrutinize myself for being different, and I rarely felt my significance.

more confident

I told myself unkind things like:

  • “You’re so fat, and you’re so ugly.” 
  • “Your nose is big.”  
  • “You can’t do anything worthwhile.” 
  • “Other people will always be better.” 
  • “You are awkward.” 
  • “You suck at meeting new people.” 
  • “You’re better off staying inside.”
  • “People are users.” 

All of these thoughts led me to manifesting only problems in my life. These thoughts are what I call the “Internal Story” it’s something we keep repeating – it defines us and influences our actions each and every day.

Surrendering Is Bittersweet - The Key To Manifestation

There is both pain and comfort when it comes to holding on to the wrong ideas. My experience, beliefs, and values create my perspective, as do yours.  When I’m stuck in a negative cycle, I surrender my self-value and self-worth to the idea that what other people think, matters more than what I think of myself. I give myself no power and the things I cannot change or control all the power. 

If we can let go, and surrender to the idea that these thoughts don’t need to rule our lives and have no merit in our success. We will free ourselves and create a space for us to grow beyond our subconscious presets that have been ingrained in us since we were little.

Stop Talking About The Things That Don’t Make You Happy:

What we talk about or think about makes us who we are.  It also gives us something to talk about, but unfortunately, when we continue talking about the same problem with no real solution to the problem,  it will keep us stuck. The stories we repeat to ourselves about our childhood and our experiences in life – create our emotions and our emotions, create our results, and that recipe either moves us towards joy or misery.

Misery loves company, and the suffering only gets bigger. The only way to remove that cycle is to pull the plug. You’ll begin to face a shift in your life when you start changing your mind to think more positively.

Pulling The Plug:

Stop being stuck in the past. To get out of a cycle, it takes immediate action. 

Kind of just like when you pull the plug of a lamp that’s plugged in – the light goes out. There is no real gradual way of decreasing misery. It’s just as simple as do it or don’t. You are either feeding giving it energy or quitting it. 

Pull the plug on that same story; you keep telling yourself, the one that doesn’t make you feel good.  Find a solution and progress the situation forward. You have to stop thinking about things and worrying about them with no real solution set in place. Chronically talking about the past will keep you stuck in the past.

Why am I talking about all of this?

  • The circumstance where you give your power away to the grace of other people’s perspectives and opinions about you?  
  • The story you revisit daily, letting go of all the thoughts and problems.
  • Surrendering things that bring you down and allowing them to roll out as they may? 

You’ll find more success in reforming your thoughts by beginning to change the phrases you use. Changing your phrases will change your life.

True Soul Connecting Manifestation:

All of these bad habits rob you of experiencing enlightenment and higher forms of manifestation.  Manifestation in its – highest power promotes fulfillment, confidence, soul alignment, joy, peace, bliss and so much more. Any complaining, gossip, unkind thought and the self-judging story you tell yourself is just creating more of all want you most likely don’t want.

When we talk about issues, we will only get more issues…

Build good habits and you’ll begin to see the world around you and in contact with you start to change!

“You’re already manifesting, and you don’t need to learn how to start manifesting. You need to learn how to guide your manifestation towards the good stuff, that is in alignment with your soul. Whatever the mind focuses on it will continue to create it.”

The stress doesn’t always have to be present. You can make space for more positive and aligned manifestations to flow in. You will get there by starting to peel back the layers of deep, deep subconscious misalignment and taking down the limiting beliefs in our life story, one by one. Then clarify when it’s time to let go. The things we need to let go of and grow past will make space for more goodness to drop into our lives.

You Are A Creative And You Are Always Creating Something:

We are all creators, we are born creative and fully have the capacity to be creative. Some will often say “I’m not creative,” but that’s not true. You create your outcome every day. Creativity is like a muscle – you probably already know.  You can go to the gym and strengthen and grow your muscles by lifting weights. You can attend school to gain knowledge about a specific subject. 

Creation & creativity works the same way. You might not be naturally talented at drawing or music, but we all obtain some form of creativity. Creativity may come in the form of design, crafts, ideas, and thoughts. We are all creators of our thoughts and our environment. That is why I disagree with the statement “I’m not creative.” because it discounts the fact that you’re creating each day.

“Don’t discredit your creative ability to guide your life!”

Let’s talk about why you want creativity in your life:

Well, manifesting is the ability to create one’s vision, emotions, and feelings into reality. The only way we can begin to manifest more is by becoming more in tune with our creative ability. 

Without creativity manifestation in its highest form isn’t possible. Manifestation is the ability to create something out of nothing.

Ask yourself:

  • What can you wildly imagine happening?
  • How could this be real for you?
  • Why do you deserve this?
  • How does it make you feel?

You are already in manifestation. All those bad days – you manifested them, the heartbreak, the hurt, and the embarrassment. You did all of that, only because you are already powerful. You are powerful, and creative at manifesting in both GOOD and BAD ways. 

“It is easy to be negative, is it challenging to be positive and positivity takes creativity. You must start thinking outside your thoughts and perspective.”

How can you see all the bad things in your life, in a creatively good way? Your perspective is the producer of all experiences, both good and bad.

Here’s why creativity allows you to leap forward:

We can look at the present moment in all its misery or sorrow, or we can create uplifting meaning, or learn a reassuring lesson from all experiences. Asking questions like “What can I create in my life to move on from this experience?” The conversation we hold with ourselves is the power behind manifestation, and our results.


  1. Molds, new perspective.
  2. It fuels, manifestation in a good way. 
  3. Allows for positive experiences
  4. It uses one’s power already present in them for good.

“You are creative. Use it for creating what you want in your life!”

Be Present And Feel The Good Now:

Feel good right now. Not later but now. This idea is also  in the familiar quote “Feel is to reveal it.” Means to manifest things that are good, you have to feel good things, in this very moment.

How to manifest positive results:

1. Audit your thoughts:

Easier said then done, there is a lot of emotional work that goes into this. Removing old beliefs, and reframing new beliefs that work for you.

2. Focus on how you feel:

If you feel better… you see good things happening – you will get better results. This is the result of doing the inner work that I touch on above.

3. Act out towards your good feelings:

When you feel good, you’re more at peace. The things that you do… are better executed.

4. React positively:

If you’re not sure how to react. Hold still. Processing the situation first is always better then acting out as a reaction. You will find that stillness will give you better answers.

5. Repeat!

Find a way to feel good now.


Now that you know to pull the plug on the stuff that no longer serves you. You’ve created space to feel more abundance in your life.

Have a Desire for a Bigger Dream:

To have true, soul alignment and begin to step ito manifestation more of what you want in your life build a dream. Let your mind wander and create the desire for more in your future. 

Start to dream you’ll feel a sense of freedom! Dreaming just like creativity is like a muscle – you have to build it. Dreams become more evident in time. Their path carves out for you more clearly as time passes and the idea/dream grows. 

You don’t have to have all the answers now, sometimes dream building and clarification can take 5 or more years, and they don’t become actualized until after 10 – 20 years of consistent action.

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A Recap Of The Most Powerful Points In The Blog:

1. Understanding Manifestation:

Thoughts turn into feelings. Feelings turn into actions. When we feel a certain way, we either react or respond. Finally, actions give us our results. 

2. Surrender is bittersweet:

The pain and comfort of holding on to the things in life make us who we also give us something to talk about but unfortunately, they keep us stuck.

3. Pull the plug on your limiting story:

Stop saying those things about yourself. Stop talking about those problems with no solution. Just do it, there is no slow process it’s sudden and fast.

4. Understanding Manifestation Part 2:

You’re already manifesting, you don’t need to learn how to start manifesting. You need to learn how to guide your manifestation towards the good stuff that is, above all in alignment with your soul. Whatever the mind focuses on it will continue to create it.

5. You are powerful either way:

You’ll create something good or create something bad.

6. Creativity, everyone can be creative:

It is easy to be negative however is it challenging to be positive and positivity takes creativity. You must start thinking outside your thought and perspective.

7. Feel good right now. Not later but now:

Find a way to feel good now.

Here are some great resources for you to master manifesting & to learn more about who you are:

Self discover promotes the manifestation of power. Here is a list of some of the content I’ve created to help others discover more about who they are!

Stay focused, work on yourself, build your creativity level and begin to dream more, and manifestation will be in flow as you do the work step by step. 

Said with love and for your success! Julia Maria Nica!

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