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Positive Steps To Change Your Life – What’s Your Next Step?

We all go through life’s ups and downs. I find when I’m living in a peak state in my life, I don’t worry about my happiness level but let’s talk about my top tips on how you can change your life.

When something occurs, I hit what I call a pit or a dip in my life. I always find myself wondering how I can get back to a loving, joyful, and happy state, once again.

There is one question that we all seem to ask…

“Why am I here?”

and then these two follow…

“What should I be doing in my life?”

“How can I be happy and feel fulfilled in my life?”

I’ve always kept an eye open for answers when it comes to these very questions and I’m going to share my answers with you. So, if you’re asking these same questions keep reading because this is written to guide you, change your life and give you a new perspective, and change your life.

The answers are simple and clear but they are meant to be unraveled. We each have a personal responsibility to peel back the layers that we have developed subconsciously throughout the experiences and pain that we have had in our lives.

I’ve been there, I have been blissfully joyful and high on life’s loving goodness!

Some of you that read this, may have already experienced life’s bliss. I am aware that others may not. I’m writing this article for a few reasons. One of the first things I want to express is that I am just as human as everyone else. I have been depressed and unhappy at times in my life but I have also achieved that state of bliss and a perspective that has allowed me to be more resilient to life’s challenges. I am sharing my perspective and the solutions that have worked for my clients and me. So that I can contribute to your growth by sharing these lessons!

There are emotional states that serve us, and there are emotional states that also breed misery. There will always be a circumstance that presents a challenge that we all eventually have to face. Our results in life, begin with the decision we make when reacting and responding to each specific event. Our reactions change our results. Some reactions lead to success in any given matter and other reactions lead to disaster, pain, sadness, and a lack of fulfillment.

If you feel overwhelmed, unhappy, in pain unfulfilled, or unsatisfied in your life. You’ve been thinking about what could change your life? The following is what I challenge you to think about.

The 10 Steps To Gaining a Powerful Perspective and Positive Attitude!

1. Perspective and reaction:

Each individual sees life through their own spectacles. They are formed through life experience, beliefs, values, and past pain. How an individual reacts to a situation can change from person to person. How we deal with life’s stuff is extremely important, this can make us or break us. Understanding that everything you perceive is more about you then the other person will change your life, an is a power move for you.

Highlight: YES, life for ALL of us consists of its ups and downs. It’s not what hits us in life that defines who are are but HOW WE LOOK AT LIFE and how we deal with what comes our way.

2. Have gratitude

This is a big one. Gratitude is trending and it’s so mainstream nowadays it has changed many people’s lives. I would honestly point out that creating a habit of it daily is anything at least till it becomes a part of you! Say “Thank You” often. It doesn’t have to be out loud. It can be in silence. But appreciate what you have, it will change your life, and the way you feel about your life!

3. Ask questions and ask for help often

“What do I want for my life and why do I want this.” Questions are powerful and they guide us to where we need to go! What we ask for, is always given to us. The answers we seek are almost always answered in some way. We just have to be open and ready to receive those answers.

The answer isn’t always what we expect. Learning to ask questions and ask for help will change your life once you really get into the practice of it.

4. Find complete acceptance:

I love focusing on contentment. To be content is to reach ultimate acceptance of what is present in your life. Goals and future planning are important. When I mention contentment I don’t mean complacency, I mean acceptance and understanding for yourself. Taking ultimate responsibility for your life! The best part about focusing on contentment is that confidence and all the other good empowering emotions seem to follow with contentment!

Highlight: A guided note “Today might not be how I want it to be but my purpose is always to find A SOLUTION, A LESSON, and GROW from what hasn’t worked. With everything I cannot control I must always surrender and let go. Allowing myself to be guided day in and day out.”

5. Compassion:

When we lack compassion for ourselves there is a ripple effect of this rigid attitude toward others around us. To have compassion we must forgive. Stepping outside of ourselves and finding the 3rd person’s perspective is one of the first steps to more compassion. With that being said compassion does need to be the final goal. When we ask for what we want and call out for it. That’s when things come into play!

6. Always be letting go:

Surrender everything you cannot control. This is actually what allows most breakthroughs in life, the moment we let go… things just seem to fall into place. Stress is one of the major results of not letting go. 

7. Focus on gaining new knowledge:

Understand what makes you tick and why it happens. Knowledge gives us the power and belief, we need to make those changes. Without knowledge, we take less action. If you find you can’t make a decision about something you can almost always pinpoint the root cause of your indecision because of the lack of knowledge.

8. Be solution-focused it will change your life!

When a challenge presents itself, focus on solutions and less on the problem of the situation. Focusing on a problem get’s most of us nowhere and running in an endless cycle of accomplishing nothing and making the problem bigger if anything. Sound familiar?

Highlight: We are all given what we can handle, so our challenges are made for us to rise through them.


I have to outline that we do make it or break it. mainly because of our belief in ourselves daily. Where our beliefs are is probably one of the most important things we can check in on daily.

Highlight: You want to check in with your self-belief & values often!

10. Be in service:

Turn around and do something kind. We feel better when we share, give, have compassion for others and

ultimately support someone to smile in their life.

Highlight: “We all have one purpose we all share, that’s to love and be loved.

If you consistently take action towards one thing you want to improve on each day. Your life can transform in incredible ways in a few months’ time!

If you liked this content leave a comment below.  Also, if you have any questions just ASK* 🙂


Happiness and fulfillment is a choice, a decision we make, a life we ask for! Take small new steps and it will change your life. Taking action to the steps, that I share above will change your life. Just remember that the energy and focus you put into sometime with reward you in time. Be patient.

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Julia Maria Nica

Life & Dream Coach

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unraveling the pain of her life. Today she focuses on building The You Series, coaching her clients, and creating new content.

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