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Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul. –  John C Maxwell

The You Series & Core Values

What Are Core Personal Values?

Values are at the core of our foundation as human beings. They are the base from which we perform work. Core personal values direct how we conduct ourselves in self-love and with others from day-to-day. There is an entire universe of core values, many of which we may naturally abide by. 

Given any circumstances and changes that may occur around us. Our values are rooted so deep within us that they guide us despite what may go on in society in the government or at work.

Core personal values are at the base of how we interact with others and the decisions we choose to make in our daily life. They are not systems or the physical work we choose to do every single day but lie much deeper within us. Core personal values are basic elements about how we go about our work and life from day to day and are what guide us towards our mission in life.

Identifying The Benefits Of Clarifying Your Core Values



They clarify who we are as individuals.


They guide us in everyday life, love, career, & relationships.


They govern our self-love and interpersonal skills. As well as other relationships.


They help us clearly articulate who we are and what we stand for daily.


They help explain and interpret our actions and why we do what we do.


They teach us about ourselves, others and behavior.


They unite two or more people into alignment & remove the wrong relationships.


They assist us in making important decisions.


They influence who we are and how we treat others daily.

Our Core Values At The You Series

People may not know you use your core personal values as an inner guide but you’ll begin to see a difference in your day-to-day life, once you clarify what they are! You attract what you are. Just like each one of us attracts what we are, see if you vibe and align with what we are about! Leadership is about knowing who you are & with the intention of creating, leading your life. As a result, you inspire that in others. Everyone at The YOU Series is a leader.

Health Centred

Everything leads back to health. Health is the greatest wealth.

Heart Centered

Unconditional love and gratitude. Focusing and observing only the purity in others

Holding Spirituality

Internal peace, faith and hope. Holding a daily “me” practice.

Community Of Trust

Integrity, reliability, none judgement, boundaries, accountability, generosity and service.


Always ASK QUESTIONS, seeking a greater understanding and step outside of conformity.

Inspiration Freedom

Get inspired to inspire others, live in freedom (whatever that is to you). Be bold and have fun!

Honouring Family

Where respect begins and peace sets in. Valuing our loved ones.


Listening to understand, having – vulnerability, asking about others, and asking for help


Acceptance of self, acceptance of circumstance, being in the moment, and loving YOU!

Unlimited Vision

Believe in YOU, create YOUR vision daily, and being a source of creativity.

Ready to clarify your core values?

Below is a resource that you can utilize to learn & strengthen your core values!!

Download (Free eBook):

Why Core Values Come First

This eBook is a great way to learn more about us here at The You Series but also learn more about how core values are at the core of everything you do. We break down how to get clear about what your core values are and how to distinguish which values highlight who you are at your core. Also, gain an understanding of why the lack of clarifying your core values will keep you feeling out of alignment and into chaos in your life.

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