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Julia here, there is so much to unravel for clients inside our life & confidence coaching program called Creating Confident You! First, of all, this program focuses on helping you discover what is holding you back from getting to your goals, dreams & desire. We pinpoint your stories and limiting beliefs, Secondly, we start to redefine what those stories & beliefs mean to you, and as a result, you’ll step into your power. Lastly, we then focus on building confidence, increasing peace within, and then move forward in creating a clear vision for your life and having you start to take action towards that vision.

This program is customized to what you need to learn but follows a guideline that focuses on assisting you to build confidence.

Magic happens inside of this coaching program.

100% of clients see a noticeable difference in their happiness level. They build confidence and all say that family & friends close to them notice a noticeable difference in them as a result of doing this work together!

Creating Confident You is a 3-6 month 1-1 life & confidence coaching program tailored to allow you to step out of your own way. In conclusion, helping you to stop just dreaming and confidently take action in your life. 

confidence coaching

Our Core Focus & What You’ll Experince:


Lifestyle Recalibration & Accountability Throughout Program:

Above all, we focus on lifestyle recalibration is important (unlimited access via text & email) part of life & confidence coaching, as a result I am there with you to work through any breakdowns; to answer any of your questions. This gives unlimited support and accountability during the coaching program. Most importantly we will personally track and calibrate your goal, so you see the success you desire.

Classify exactly what's important to you, and gain clear direction:

Firstly, gaining a clear understanding of who you are, what's important to you, and starting to make decisions for yourself, in your life. It's imperative when it comes to building powerful self-confidence.

Build self-trust and self-worth that's powerful and uninterrupted:

When it comes to your vision, dreams, and goals, it's important to have self-trust and self-worth. We work on your perspective about your life. We also focus on the beliefs that limit you.

Create a clear purpose for your life and step into it powerfully:

Feel on purpose with everything that you do. We teach 3 types of purpose, in 3 different areas of life. Being proactive and clear about where you are in life and what you're doing is imperative for your confidence.

As a result, learn to communicate and set strong boundaries in relationships:

Successfully communicate boundaries and creating new possibilities and win/win relationships is so important. We focus on covering your relationships in creating confident you because we found that the individual's relationships have a massive impact on their confidence level.

Create a strong vision for your life and as a result experience more fulfillment:

In Creating Confident You, you will own new dreams, create a vision for your life, this creates fulfillment in your life and allows for alignment to happen.

Learn to guide yourself towards your dreams through powerful intentions:

It's important to have dreams but setting goals and dreams without knowing the intention winning formula, is like running around in circles. We make sure you can attract what you ask for with ease and in peace.

Create a mapped-out plan for your goals, vision & life that you start taking action to instantly:

Having dreams without a plan isn't an effective way to actualize those dreams. We focus on sharing a clear planning formula that's effective and teach you the tools you need to know to build confidence while you plan and take action.

Gain freedom of mind, reduce stress and experience peace:

In just the first session, 100% of clients experience this result. This program infuses your life with the right knowledge and clear action steps that you need to take to feel confident and excited about what you're creating!
confidence coaching
confidence coaching
confidence coaching
confidence coaching
confidence coaching