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Feeling Stuck Lately?

If you feel stuck or are thinking about how you want change in your life, you cannot handle how it’s going anymore, you need direction, and a clear system on how confidently pursue your goals. Working with us might be the support you need to achieve your goals.

  • Overcoming fears, self-doubt to gain greater confidence so that you can start to experience the type of life you desire, and crave.
  • Break free from feeling overwhelmed and caged up in your life, for smoother decision making, and feeling more in control of your life.
  • Disappear feeling incredibly down, unmotivated, and confused about who you are. Becoming self-confident, believing in yourself and motivated jump out of bed with excited energy for each new day.
  • Escape needing to complain about negative things that happen and affect you. Build the right relationships that are in alignment with you and step inside of a career that has you feeling proud of what you do and who you are in your life.
  • Gain a clear roadmap to confidently take action. We teach a system to help you get out of your own way, especially in times of doubt, overwhelm, and fear.

Learn about what's holding you back:

Apply below to receive a complimentary coaching call. If you’re going through something tough right now and need support, this is perhaps the relief you need. In this session, you will get to ask questions, share what’s going on for you and we will dive into what you’re looking to resolve and discuss what’s happening in your life. Your setbacks, desires, and dreams will be unraveled, and discussed. 

We do things a little differently with our calls. We want you to walk away with life changing value. Coaching is all about having accountability and taking action.


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Start your journey in this free session with a coach, we discuss problems you currently face, your “wants”, goals and questions.


Walk away with a life changing action step…

Julia helped me discover so much about myself. Before the program, I felt stuck in situations, because I was not clear where I am at in my life, what to do to change my life, and where to start to turn my dreams into reality. After the program, I no longer feel bothered or upset about situations I struggled with. Because I am more focused on creating my life and my future, so much to learn and to grow. I feel so hopeful, positive, happy and excited about life and future!

LillyOxford, London

Working with Julia has been one of the best experiences in my life. She really helped me the way no other therapist has. She allows me to see myself through new eyes. And gave me the tools to overcome my fears.

MarcusBus Driver | New York

"I can believe this time last year I was so overwhelmed and depressed. Feeling like my life was going nowhere I was so lost and didn’t know what to do. With your help, I realized how important self-love is, investing time into my self-development and that It’s ok to ask for help and not feel bad about it. Thank you so much for these important life skills and so much more you helped me with."

NoelLos Angeles, California

Seeing the results I had received in just one week of following Julia's suggestions I decided that I would really like for her to help me further and to Life coach me, this has been to date the best decision of my life. Julia's coaching, encouragement and her joy in helping others have transformed my life.

Gero MMoved From Italy To London

"Julia changed the way I think when I come across difficult paths in my life and business career, It's always important to look at the big picture and stay positive. You will always encounter issues in the process of success and Julia taught me how to handle those issues with specific tools that I use and by having a clear positive mindset!"

KevinQuebec, Canada

Working with Julia always gives me a boost of energy and motivation. She has this energy that you just can't help but let inspire you.

Nick RomickPresident, CEO/ Producer, VCGA Meet Up

Julia is the best advisor I’ve ever had. She possesses an incredible amount of patience which makes her an excellent listener. She is dedicated, goes above and beyond to help keep me focused in order to successfully accomplish the goals we set together. She is an encyclopedia of knowledge on how to strengthen the mind and body making her a valuable resource on the many ways an individual can help themselves transition into a more successful and happy lifestyle. She is a voice of accountability I’ve never had and always needed.

MichealNorth Dakota