What Are Core Values?

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Core values are at each and every single one of our foundations. They are the base of which we perform work. They are how we conduct our selves in self-love and with others from day-to-day. There is an entire universe of core values, many of them we may naturally abide by. Given any circumstances and changes that may occur around us. Our values are rooted so deep within us that the guide us despite what may go on in society in the government or at work. Core values are at the base of how we interact with others and the decisions we choose to make in our daily life. They are not systems or the physical work we choose to do every single day but lie much deeper within us. Core Values are basic elements about how we go about our work and life from day to day and are what guide us towards our mission in life.
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1. They clarify who we are as individuals

2. They guide us in everyday and business processes

3. They govern our personal relationships

4. They articulate what we stand for daily

5. They help explain why we do what we do

6. They guides us on how to teach and influence people around us

7. They guide us in making every day decisions

4. Core values, require no external justification

the you series
core values
1. Health Centered
  •  Everything leads back to health.
2. Heart Centered
  • Love
  • Unconditional gratitude
  • Observing only the purity in others
3. Spirituality
  • Peace
  • Faith
  • Hope
4. Family
  •  Where Respect Begins
5. Communication
  • Listening to understand
  • Vulnerability
  • Asking about others
  • Asking for help
6. Contentment
  • Acceptance of self
  • Acceptance of the world
  • Live in the moment
  • Love YOU
7. Unlimited Empowered Vision
  •  Believe in YOU
  • Create YOUR vision daily
  • Creativity
8. Community of Trust
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • None Judgement
  • Boundaries
  • Accountability
  • Generosity
9. Curiosity
  • Seeking a greater understanding
10. Inspiration Freedom
  • Get inspired to inspire others
  • Live in freedom
  • Be bold
  • Have fun!