How often do you wonder “who am I really?” some people seem to know themselves so well, when others are not sure and often not on the same page. Here are 5 questions to know yourself better.

1, What’s at my core? – If someone asked you what do you value? Would you be able to list off 5-10 things? Values guide each and every one of us. they are deep guides rooted in all of us. Classifying what they are is important because it gives us more power to navigate the direction we would like to go into. Example: Family, Health, Travel, Laughter, Integrity are all personal values one can have! Check out Our Mission.

2, What do I enjoy doing on my spare time? Hobbies, we all have something we like to do.. some people may have just one thing they are obsessed and in love with when others switch it up and have a top ten list. What are you like? Take the time to sit down analyze what you want and know who you are. Always know that you are unique and special in your own way! Each and every one of us has massive impact we can make in this world!

3, What are the type of people I get along with and want to spend time with in my life and why? – have you ever hung out with a great friend often and after a few weeks of hanging out you find you both have the same inside jokes, say the same phrases and use the same terms? That’s because the people we choose to have in our lives most often influence us. Choose your influences carefully and always ask yourself “Do I want or need this influence in my life?”

4, What type of lifestyle to I truly dream of? – some people are extremely simple and to them dreaming on living in the forest on a mountain top is the dream but for others, classy cars and high-tech houses with glass windows is where they feel most at home.

5, What am I willing to do to protect and see my happiness grow? – Many times we let the wrong people stomp on our happiness. When that happens.. how much does your happiness matter to you and what will you do to protect yourself from negativity? How we react to things in our lives also depends on how prepared we are to deal with them.

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