Redirect Your Thoughts Out of Depression and Creating Healthy Thought Patterns.

Feeling stuck in a pile of emotion is a normal phase in life many of us go through. I will be talking about how to redirect your thoughts out of depression and speaking about the three general steps a person needs to go through to slowly pick themselves up from a very common state of mild depression almost every individual experiences at one point or another of their life! Talking more about how to change the mindset from negative to positive is the first step.

Completely Out of Fuel Phase  1~

We all run out of fuel, life gets the best of us and sometimes we find ourselves in misty darkness, completely at a loss of direction, satisfaction and in spirit. It feels as though nothing will bring us back. At this point, the memory of excitement, passion and happiness will usually seem long lots. The reality of feeling fulfilled with purpose is hard to grasp again. Fear and self-doubt usually place us there. The circulation of negative thoughts and the lack of confidence that is slowly slipping away nearly becoming invisible and unrecognizable is usually our guide slowly but persistently showing us the way into the misty darkness of our minds.

The 5 thief’s of happiness:– fear– self-doubt– harsh self-criticism– lack of confidence– insecurity The 4 unhealthy concerns we all experience:#1. Am I meeting my expectations?#2. Am I meeting others expectations?#3. Am I as successful as others?#4. Am I going to be left behind?

Are these the healthiest concerns?



Love and more prosperous mindsets will have you on a better path moving away from SELF- DOUBT

The Change in Mindset Phase 2 ~

It’s okay to understand how you feel and don’t be hard on yourself.

Understand that you are at a wall, understand your fear and self-doubt, understand that there will always be a circulation of negative thoughts, know that the “lack of confidence” only has one goal and that is to see you reach ultimate insecurity. Understand that you are not alone, this is a cycle that has been experienced by everyone and the only true cure is within you! With a little focus and understanding of yourself, the cycle can be broken! This is the first step how to change the mindset from negative to positive.

Well isn’t that a relief!

The 4 healthy concerns we should all experience:#1. Am I working towards my goals/dreams?#2. Am I respecting and honouring those around me?#3. Do I allow other’s successes to inspire me?

#4. What is my inspiration and drive to move forward?

A lot more thought-provoking aren’t they?

How is the only true cure within you?

The first step is to understand that there is an unhealthy mindset and a healthy mindset. Every conversation we have in our mind with our self can go one of 2 ways.. the healthy way or the unhealthy way. It’s a 2-way street. Making healthy choices does not happen overnight for an individual. Time and learning have always been our 2 biggest assets. Understanding this is a great component to the first steps on how to change the mindset from negative to positive.

Trial -> Error -> Redirect ->Trial -> Error -> Redirect ->

Trial Work a new approach in your life or practise a new habit. 

Error, there will always be road bumps and you will always stumble across errors in what you’re doing it’s not usually all smooth sailing.

Redirect your approach,  and focus in a new direction.

It’s okay not to succeed. Life is just that a cycle…  Trial -> Error -> Redirect -> embrace this cycle use it to your advantage know that it will come. Focus on a healthy mindset and always double-check and be mindful of what you tell yourself.

How do you feel now?

The Refuelling Phase 3 ~

Have hope and faith in your process! Make that first step to take your happiness back and embrace the knowledge that there are 2 mindsets an unhappy one and a happy one! Choose your mindset and work on it. A twist on words can make all the difference when it comes to having that conversation in your mind with yourself.

Faith and hope are at the core of change this will have you on your path to knowing at your core how to change the mindset from negative to positive.



During your process always acknowledge that there will always be a Trial -> Error -> Redirect ->

Live, love, laugh and play. Live your life to it’s fullest!

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