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How To Reduce Regret and Turn Your Past Into Powerful Lessons Learned In Life

Regret is so common for so many people. Regret comes from feeling like you’ve missed an opportunity. At times it can come from revisiting the past feeling sad and disappointed. Lessons learned in life come from a past experience where you’ve decided to see things differently. This also removes regret.

When you are stuck in regret it’s nearly impossible to feel good about yourself. It decreases your confidence and reduces the belief you have in yourself.

lessons learned in life

You can use regret as an opportunity to receive a new lessons learned in life because where there is regret, there is also a lesson.

When you are stuck in a low vibrational state, you just manifest more low vibrational stuff. It’s important to pinpoint where your regret is & learn what you can from it. This will allow you to step into your power & manifest more of what you do want.

In this article, we are going to focus in on how the simple steps & questions you can ask yourself to reduce & remove regret.

1. Regret = A Lesson That’s Being Dismissed.

Looking back with an attitude of absence isn’t good for your spirit. It makes you feel weak, vulnerable and dissatisfied with yourself. As well as, it has a massive impact on your ability to trust yourself moving forward.

Here is what I do know…

The Past Is:

When you look back – you’re living in the past.

You’re energetically NOT in the present moment.

Peace exists in the present moment. If you want more peace. You must get into the present moment. Reflection can play a powerful roll in your life. Just don’t get stuck in the past when reflecting. Use past experiences & previous information to enhance your life.

The Present Is:

The present moment is all you have & it’s the only place peace is attainable.

You’re energetically IN the present moment.

It’s a beautiful thought. That you can connect with peace if you energetically spend time emotionally, mentally & physically in the present moment. Notice the life inside you for a moment.

This is why breathing is so effective in calming a person down. It’s that person into the present moment.

What you need to remember is that everything you want is in the present moment. It’s not in the past, it’s not in the stories, frustrations & grief you’re always holding on too.

The Future Is:

When you’re in the future, you’re creating something that could become reality but it can also create fear.

You are energetically NOT in the present moment.

The future has endless opportunities. It’s your creative playground. You get to create what happens & your way if thinking determines it.

The future can also be scary, depending on what you create for yourself. Some people look at a future in their life that they don’t enjoy but they do nothing about it.

Don’t be STUCK in the future there is such a thing as living in the future. When you’re constantly focused on the future you may be missing out on your present moment. Your life is happening in the present moment right now.

The Power Of Extracting The Lesson Instead Of Being Suck In Regret:

When you look for the lessons in life, your taking full responsibility for your life. That gives you power.

In order to remove the pain, disbelief, doubt in yourself & feelings of resent. It’s important to look at your life in a way that makes you responsible for your action.

The minute you say to yourself, “Okay something has happened here & I don’t like my results. What can I learn from this situation.” You instantly place yourself in the power seat. You’re no longer a victim of your circumstance. Being the victim makes you feel, weak, vulnerable, and discourages.

Top Rules For Extract The Lesson From Your Regrets:

  1. Take 100% responsibility.
  2. It’s not about blame. You’re not looking to blame someone else. You’re looking to see what you could’ve done better.
  3. It’s not about making yourself wrong. You aren’t looking to blame, criticize, punish or be hard on yourself.
  4. You’re looking for where you can learn something new that will assist you to make a new transformed choice in the future.

2. Accept What Has Happened.

It’s hard to see a new reality if you cannot accept what has happened. It’s hard to come to terms with what’s gone down in many situations. I promise you once you come to a place of acceptance you’ll feel better.


Resistance is a low vibrational state. It pushes back, it’s a limited & scare state. You’re not open. Sometimes even viewed as unpleasant & negative when you’re being resistance. There is no enlightenment in resistance. It’s a low vibrational state.

Resistance takes you out of alignment, creates friction in your life. Reducing resistance will raise your vibration


lessons learned in lifeAcceptance is a high vibrational state.

It’s the complete opposite of resistance. It’s open, freeing. Creates new opportunities & opens new doors for you in your life. The more acceptance you create in your life the less low vibrational energy you’ll have.

Key Tips For Acceptance:

  1. See things for what they really are.
  2. Take things less personally.
  3. Acceptance brings you peace.
  4. Just because you accept something doesn’t mean you have to take it on as your own.
  5. Learn to look at other people’s opinions objectively.
  6. Acceptance is something you do for your own peace.
  7. When you release others of your expectation, you also release yourself of their expectation.

3. Seek Out The Lesson In The Regreted Situation.

When you feel regret it’s important to take a look at your emotional state.

  1. Notice what you’re feeling.
  2. Be present to those emotions, don’t try to change them.
  3. Accept that they are there.
  4. Take a step forward by creating a dialogue with yourself and asking yourself a question.

What’s the lesson for me in this situation? What am I not seeing for myself & my growth in life?

The beautiful thing about asking yourself questions is that questions trigger a new perspective.

They invite you to see what you may have been blinded to.

4. To Feel Powerful Look To Learn From Everything.

Embracing the lessons learned in life is an state of being that you carry in life. Their lessons learned in life add to your value & become lessons learned in lifekey foundations tools that help you navigate your life differently.

Don’t just apply these steps to one situation, make it a way of life. Become a natural!

People Who Have A Winning Attitude:

  • Take responsibility for everything in their life
  • They look for the lessons in everything.
  • Don’t place blame on anyone, even themselves.
  • They proceed with grace.
  • They apply what they learn instantly.
  • They’re always monitoring their emotions.
  • Always say “I Can Do It!” If they believe they can’t, they find a way to believe they can.

5. Your Lesson Is Your Solution To Living Regret-Free.

When you grasp a perspective and see where you may have been steering yourself wrong.

These lessons learned in life become your solution. It’s important to create a solution when you face challenges in your life. Solutions allow you to feel strong, they raise your belief in yourself & create new possibilities for your future.

Lessons learned in life should never be something you’re ashamed of. Don’t make yourself right or wrong about it. Just take the value & run with your new powerful insight.

The Lesson Is:

Your new insight about your previous experience. It gives you a new opportunity and expands how your see yourself & the situation.

The Lesson Creates A Solution:

The new insight, new lesson creates the possibility for something new in your life. A new outcome. As well as a new path for you in your future.

When You Choose To Find Your Lessons, You Choose A New Future:

See the lessons learned in life and provide yourself with a solution by extracting it from situation instantly. Doing this creates a new future for you.

You will not take the same actions you have in the past with new information. Lessons learned in life transforms what the future looks like for you.

6. Ask For What You’d Rather Experience:

We want all sorts of things in life. “Wanting” it’s self means to not have something. It’s important to shift gears from “Wanting something” to asking for what you’d love to experience instead.

In general, it would be good to remove the word “WANT” from any “ASK” or “INTENTION.” That you’ll be setting for yourself moving forward.

Let me give you an example:

“I want a partner that loves me.”

The universe in this situation hears “I don’t have a partner that loves me.”

What you’ll get is more of that!

“I ready to connect with a partner that loves me deeply.”

The universe hears that you’re ready to connect with someone who loves you deeply.

The wheels start turning & life begins to shift in that way for you.

Make sure your “ASK” is formed in a powerful way.

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7. Set A New Intention For Your Future:

Now that you’ve stepped outside of regret, you’ve extracted your lessons learned in life & you’ve gotten clear on what you see happening for you. You’ve asked, owned & recognized the experience you’d rather have. It’s now time to set an intention for your future!

You can set intentions that work for you. When you start setting intentions that use powerful techniques you’ll find yourself working less. You’ll begin to see that you attract more of what you’d like in your life.

If you woke up one day & everything was actualized to your deepest desires. What would you see?

Guide Line For Setting Intentions:

  • Uses your 5 senses.
  • What do you see?
  • What can you hear?
  • How does it smell?
  • How does it feel?
  • What does it taste like?
  • Speak as if it’s already happened.
  • The words you choose in an intention, determine your result!

8. Make Yourself A Promise:

With new insight, it’s important to also keep yourself accountable. Making yourself a promise & holding to that promise is a great way to keep yourself accountable.

If you want to hold to your promise, it’s important that you place high importance on the words that you speak.

Words are extremely important in life, we set intentions with words daily.

Tips On Successfully Making A Promise & Keeping It:

  1. Decide to be committed to your new path & to apply your new lessons.
  2. Words are powerful & they mean everything.
  3. Hold yourself accountable for your words.
  4. Hold yourself accountable for your promise.
  5. Share it with others.
  6. You can include your intentions in your promise.
  7. Step into that promise to embody that new way of being.

9. Take New Action In Your Life:

Action is what seals the deal. It’s what turns a student into an expert.

You’ll become an expert at removing regret in your life, through practice.

Do it, over & over again until you see success. This is how the lessons learned in life will always go further if you apply new action as soon as you receive the lesson.

Top Tips For Taking Action:

  • The action you take will NEVER be perfect.
  • Don’t think about it just do it.
  • There are many lessons in taking action. Look at those lessons & process them.
  • Follow a moral code when taking action. Make sure other people aren’t hurt along the way.
  • Invite other people to take action with you.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Ask for accountability in taking action.


Julia Maria Nica

Life & Dream Coach

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unraveling the pain of her life. Today she focuses on building The You Series, coaching her clients, and creating new content.

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