What Does That Life You Love Living Look Like?

In this article, I’m going to cover the core components to living a life that you love and then to start living it.

This is an introduction to some of the work I do with my clients.

1. Know The Level You’re Learning At:

Before beginning anything… you must get clear on what you want to learn. Then get clear about the level of information and lessons you’re looking to learn.

Life gives us different perspectives depending on what we’re asking for.

Live The Life You Love
There are 3 levels of learning:
  1. YOU – you’re learning for yourself. To improve or transform something in your life.
  2. GROUP – You’re looking to learn enough information to serve or impact a group of people.
  3. Global – You’re seeming to create and serve the world on a bigger scale, thus creating a global impact.

Each new series of lessons you receive will be different. Depending on the level of lessons and insight you’re asking for.

2. What Are Your Values?

Values guide us in making decisions, taking action, not taking action and make us who we create ourselves to be.

Defining what your values are is important because they determine the choice you’ll make.

Not being able to clarify what your values are is a setback because you aren’t in focus and control over what’s guiding your decisions.

Make sure you take the time to clarify what your values are and start living in alignment with them! This is hands down one of the most powerful steps you can take to live the life you love.

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3. Pinpoint Your Perspective and Notice How It Impacts Your Life:

Life is a reflection of what we believe, experience, value and a series of the stories that run our life.

Grasp that life is just mirroring back what you’re putting out. If you can see that there are a series of transformations that need to be shifted from your perspective. You can begin to see the world differently which will send back a new and improved perspective.

The Perspective Reality:

You’re either projecting or reflecting.

4. Notice How You React To Life:

Our reaction to a situation can tell us a lot about the results we are getting. Those reactions create our results.

Often you might find yourself being a victim, instead of looking for the opportunity in a situation or feeling sorry for yourself, instead of learning a new lesson.

Clarifying what your reaction is important when it comes to living the life you love.

Reacting is one of the fastest way to loose you’re power.

Live The Life You Love
Live The Life You Love
Live The Life You Love

5. Create A Vision For Your Life:

Start dreaming, and create a vision for your life.

Dreams are merely ideas, a thought that you’d like to experience. They can sometimes already be real and other times they are 100% thought up. Dreams can become reality.

Once you have your list of dreams… start creating a vision around them and visualize their reality.  You can also create a dream board to keep your ideas close and around you!

Visions are the constant creation of what that dream feels like. Visualize it as if it was there in your life. Keep creating as adding to your vision. Live the life you love by getting into the experince you’d like to have and visualizing it.

Here is what you should dream & visualize more of in your life:
  1. Powerful, connected, transparent relationships.
  2. A community of like-minded people.
  3. A career & job that you love!
  4. Vibrant health! Energized, strong and nourished body. Nourishment of healing.
  5. Elevation in YOU. Being elevated, spiritually, mentally, and physically regularly!
  6. Clear financial vision, dream house, dream car, and dream adventures. Create a vision of wealth status.

6. Be Accountable & Stay Responsible For Your Life.

Taking responsibility is a powerful act. It leaves you in full control of your life. When you blame other people, they’re in control of your life.

This is why it’s important to take the lead and give yourself the ability to be in power in your life.

Responsibility is… not

%50 my responsibility & %50 your responsibility or %75 I did it & %25 you did it.

Responsibility is %100, I am responsible, and I took part in creating this and I’m going to %100 focus on what I did and I can transform..

Staying responsible, is the best way to start to live the life you love

7. Set Boundaries:

There are two types of boundaries you need to set…

  1. Set boundaries for others
  2. Create boundaries for yourself

Set boundaries with your friends, other people, family and set boundaries with yourself too. What habits do you need to hold yourself accountable for staying with?

Set boundaries with other people, tell them what’s important to you and where you’re going. What you’d like to create and see more of in your life to experience that space yourself and communicate how they contribute to that space.

If you’re in a relationship set boundaries and create habits with in your relationship.

8. Educate Your Expectations:

Expectations are always disappointing when they don’t exceed our expectations. When you expect something you’re placing your opportunity for happiness on one outcome. Most of the time you don’t even know if that outcome is the right one for you. Live the life you love happens outside of having expectations.

Removing expectations and educating yourself on why your expectation doesn’t serve your highest good is important.

The best practices are releasing what you cannot be in control of and accepting what other people give you.

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9. Count Your Blessings or In Other Words… Gratitude:

Where focus goes, life expands. What you keep looking at, talking about,  and sharing grows.

Gratitude is a practice.

A few simple things you can be grateful for right now:
  • Being alive!
  • You’re breathing!
  • Hmm, let’s see… you’re limbs!
  • Your eyes
  • What else?!? Your smile!

Your blessings are in the small things. Start small with a simple gratitude practice that can transform your life!

10. Celebrate Your Successes:

Success can be rather small. I’m not talking about celebrating a huge accomplishment. I’m talking about expanding the little things in your life and making them BIG by celebrating them.

This practice is good for your self-esteem and confidence.

A few successes you can celebrate today:
  • Having gotten out of bed!
  • Getting into the shower!
  • Eating breakfast!
  • Getting to work in the morning.
  • Finishing a day of work!

They seem small but when you’re celebrating yourself in your life.. you want to take the small things and make them BIG! Jump for joy, this practice wires your brain to count on you to accomplish things.

Cheer yourself up by celebrating life in various ways that make your soul dance!

11. Be Open To Opportunity:

In every situation, the good, the ugly, the bad there is an opportunity and the only way you’ll seize this opportunity is if you’re looking for it!

Be open to new things. Look at what’s going on and find a reason to take a new turn or say yes to something new that’s outside of your comfort zone!

Life is full of surprises if you let it pleasantly surprise you!

Thank you for reading and may these steps assist you to live the life you love!

Julia Maria Nica

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. After high school, Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges and faced common walls we all face. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unravelling her pain’s from her life, she extracted this brand as one of the many jewels from her life story. Today she focuses on building The You Series, writing content, coaching her clients and creating new courses.

Certified Life Coach
NLP Practitioner Certified


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