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How to accomplish something effectively that needs to get done, we go over 5 basic success steps to getting stuff done! Sometimes it can feel like the list of “To Do’s” just keeps on growing but nothing ever gets completed all though we may actually be picking away at our list.

1. Desire:

You have to be willing to do what you need to do. One of the unhealthiest things you can do for your mental health and physical health is to resist the task at hand. Resisting work, resisting a lesson or resisting what you need to accomplish. Finding the desire to complete a task is important.

2. Break it down in steps

Have you heard of that common term, how do you eat an elephant? In little bites! Break your tasks down in little steps so it’s not one huge overwhelming task!

  • PROJECTS: determine the overall picture of what you’d like to accomplish. A lifestyle project would be “Have an amazing and fun Christmas Dinner”. Whereas a career or business PROJECT may be a little different; Example – “Acquire 10 New High Paying Customers This Year”
  • TASKS: are the breakdown of your project. What do you need to do to create an amazing Christmas dinner? Example – Cook a Turkey, Invite Guests, Decorate. What will lead up to obtaining 10 New Customers? Example – New Add Campaign, Market In Local Paper, Redesign Website?
  • WORK OUT A SCHEDULE: When are you completing all of your tasks?
3. Notice the progress

This goes back to celebrating the little things. That’s a small way that you can build confidence. Often time it’s easier to look at what has not yet been completed and totally failing to see what has actually been accomplished.

4. Ask for assistance if you need it

It’s always great to ask for assistance! If you never ask you will never know the answer! Teamwork is always more powerful!

5. Celebrate what you complete as you complete it

Take time to reward yourself and celebrate your progress!

The You Series

The You Series is about growth. Focusing on YOU at your core. Doing the work in 3 areas of your life. Firstly, you and your mindset. Secondly your community and lastly your career. Supporting you in finding fulfillment in your life in these 3 areas is our main focus.