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Let’s Talk About Some Guilt-Free Ways To Ask For Help:

Asking for help is a common setback for people in our society today. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, because you should be able to do things on your own. It can be a little embarrassing, or perhaps it feels like you should help others and not ask for what you need assistance with.

In this article I’m going to cover 8 key concepts of asking for help, that will allow you to start asking for what you need help with – guilt-free.

Asking For Help Tip #1:

1. “If you want to recieve more, give more”

Act first ask later. Is a concept that few understand. If you want more love from your partner. Be an example for other people and jump in to treat them as you’d like to be treated.

Examples of where you can give first:

  • Wondering why you’re not getting more recognition or acknowledgment?? Give more recognition and acknowledgment to other people.
  • Perhaps you’d like more gifts.. Give more gifts, and jump in a GIVE first.
  • Want more help in your day-to-day life.? Ask other people what they need help with and jump in to offer that help before you ask them for anything.

We teach people how to treat us by being an example to them. You can lead people towards what you’d like to experience by showing up and showing them what that experience feels like first.

Takers & Givers:

*Notice who you’re dealing with because there are certain people you just don’t need to be giving to anymore. There are givers & takers. Know who you’re dealing with. Some people will be in their season of taking, and perhaps they aren’t the best person to give to.

A taker, like to receive.

A giver genuinely gives because they love giving.


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Asking For Help Tip #2:

2. “Start to recieve more in your life.”

You might not be getting the help you need because you’re blocking it. When someone offers to help on their own accord. Start saying yes, and jump on any small or big opportunity to receive more.

As human beings, we are extremely talented at rejecting help, advice, love and kindness when other people offer it.

Start to notice that your wall is up and open up to receive more.

Asking For Help Tip #3:

3. It’s a 50/50 chance. 50% chance your answer will be “Yes” and a 50% chance your answer will be “No.” So just take action and ASK!

The only thing you have control of is what you do. You can go out and ask someone for assistance and they may or may not help you. What’s important is that you set your ask into motion. Get the ball rolling.

Asking For Help Tip #4:

4. “You wont know what the answer is if you never ask.”

The things that you don’t take action to remain in your brain for years after the fact. Endlessly wondering “What if I asked, what if I did something.”  To reduce this painful experience in your life, start to take more action and just do what you need to do. Don’t create regret for yourself.

Asking For Help Tip #5:

5. “You wont always get help from the source you originally expected it from.”

Just because you ask person “A” doesn’t mean they’ll help you or get you the right answers. Sometimes person “A” may just introduce you to person “B”. Eventually, you get help from person “D” but it took some time to get the introduction and assistance you need. This is always a great concept to follow in business networking and connections. It can also work wonders with the family that introduces you to someone.

The moral of this tip is that you never know where an ask leads you to. Just ask and see where life takes you.

Asking For Help Tip #6:

6. “When asking for help, don’t have any expectations.”

Everyone has expectations. You have expectations every day but what you may not realize is how expectations create so much disappointment in your life. I know people who give up on asking for help because their expectations are so large and people just don’t meet their expectations. Eventually causing someone to give up on asking.

Here are the things, you will never be happy as long as expectations are resent. You set yourself up for failure and disappointment by expecting someone when you ask for help.

Free other people of your expectation and receive what’s given to you with joy and appreciation. It will turn you asking for help into a pleasurable experience.

Asking For Help Tip #7:

7. “Nothing ever happens the way you think it will.”

Looking back on the experience of your life, you’ll notice that things never play out the way you originally think they will. So moving forward, remember it’s irrational for think that things will go the way you have them planned. The only thing you can control is yourself and when you factor in other people and the world, you’ll notice a predicted outcome never plays out how you think it will.

So let go of the idea that – things have to happen your way. Take life as it comes in and be in FLOW,


Asking For Help Tip #8:

8. “Pay attention to your ego”

The ego is all about looking good in the eyes of other people. Just like it’s also about avoiding to look bad in the eyes of other people. At times we may not ask for help because the ego doesn’t want to look good or bad.

Are you trying to look good or avoiding to look bad?

Perhaps you want to look like everything is organized for you. You have your life together and if you did ask for help, people may think, you’re not as well put together as you say you are.

Here is what you’re missing is this is the case, asking for help is a vulnerable action. Vulnerability connects people and brings them closer together therefore showing up and acting like you have everything together, makes you unrelatable to other people. Asking for help in this situation makes you human.

The people who help you will feel more connected to you as a result of you being vulnerable and asking for help.

Julia Maria Nica

Life & Dream Coach

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unraveling the pain of her life. Today she focuses on building The You Series, coaching her clients, and creating new content.

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