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Leadership  skills are important in many settings in life. This trait is sought out and paid well in the workforce and when we find our selves in a career with a need for leadership skills. It’s important to find some kind of leadership development to grow and expand our understanding of the leadership skills that we need. Taking charge and gaining more awareness about leadership is powerful. Leadership skills are something everyone needs.

Gaining New Leadership Skills is For Everyone:

Leadership doesn’t only take place at home, it’s required in our relationships and everyday life. Doesn’t matter who you are and what your job is… a variety of leadership skill will expand your overall value and enhance your everyday experience!

The 10 Leadership Skills Steps You Can Take:

  1. Grow – First of all, leaders are always growing!
  2. Act With Accountability – Leaders take ownership of their life.
  3. Take Action First – Set an example
  4. Build Good Habits – Leaders are always building better habits.
  5. Get Organized – Leaders are tactical about how they take action.
  6. Lead With Optimism – Leaders have an open world view.
  7. Set Intentions – Leaders guide their life with intentions.
  8. Carry A Vision For Your Life – Leaders are dreamers and visionaries.
  9. Take Well Calculated & Accessed Action – Leaders pay attention to their environment.
  10. Be Inspired – Leaders are living what’s important to them and as a result, inspire others.
  11. Have Valuable Conversations – Every work matters for a leader.
  12. Obtain Self Awareness – Leaders know what their personality type is. (The Personality Matrix Breakdown)

1. Leaders are always growing:

They often look at a bad experience as an opportunity in their life to learn something new therefore understanding that lessons come when they need to broaden their understanding of something specific.

I’ve found in my life is having the curiosity to learn about myself. I am always ready to learn any new perspective that allows me to deepen my understanding of who I am as a result I pick up valuable tools on my growth journey. It all plays an important roll in my daily life.

A true leader is always looking to develop their skills. Becoming open-minded and growing daily

What might we benefit from knowing how we function and why we function a certain way?

The answer is rather simple. The deeper we dig and the more we understand. Things in our environment become easier.

Thoughts To Action

Our thoughts turn into feelings. While the feelings we have turned into our reactions, therefore, our reactions give us our results in life. Our reactions cause the relationships we have in life to play out the way they do. These reactions also affect our careers, network, community and the actions we take every day. They are affected by every thought we choose to have.

A leader knows it’s important to take 100% responsibility for what they create in their life.

What’s most interesting it that our thoughts can instantly change when our perspective changes.

This is why understanding our deepest layers, picking up on basic concepts can be very powerful for changing our lives!

Speaking from experience, once I see the challenges in my perspective, so I choose to change it. As a result, I always gain a deeper understanding of myself. The world around me instantly become better. I become a better communicator as a result of my thought process and this triggers my reactions change.

This article will cover 10 steps any leader obtains in there life throughout this article!

Setting Intentions, and Using Them Powerfully

2. Leaders Take Accountability:

Taking ownership is a powerful way to take control of your life but it’s also one of the best ways to improve your leadership skills. Above all, they are constantly looking to improve themselves and before they jump to blame someone else they commit to finding their lesson first.

Accountability and responsibility, in this case, are the same. A leader not only takes responsibility for themselves but to an appropriate extent, they hold themselves accountable for setting the pace, space and attitude for the people around them.

Accountability creates confidences and as a result of people accountable, we gain inner power.

Download This Resource: 7 Ways To ways To Step Into Your Power and Feel Confident eBook

You won’t find a leader pointing their finger at someone else or being quick to judge for no reason at all because they know it’s their job to figure out how they can avoid the same situation the next time around.

Leaders are solution-oriented.

Finally, Getting clear about what their core values are in important.

Words of familiarity for a leader:
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Ownership
  • Opportunity Focused
  • Solution Focused

3. Leaders Take Action First:

Generally, leaders don’t spend their time waiting around because they jump at the opportunity and figure things out. As a result of this attitude, they know they can figure anything out that they set their mind to. This leadership skills is key!

What other people think about the action they take is not something they spend time thinking about and they usually live in the “Who Cares”.

Living in the “Who Cares” doesn’t mean you’re careless about other people, it means you don’t let other people’s judgement stop you.

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  • Live in the “Who Cares.”
  • Everything is figuroutable
  • Jump at the opportunity in front of you

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4. Leaders Build Good Habits:

Habits make up most of our success. Something as simple as making the bed each day is an important habit to have. Exercising the body and staying healthy promotes positive life long results and an increase in happiness.  Increasing productivity and staying focused on hitting each goal is always on the top of a leader’s priority list.

Focusing on improving their ability to respond appropriately is important to a leader. They way they communicate with others is often a high priority and make sure to build in good habits that allow them to naturally respond in a polite thoughtful manner.

What we do on autopilot guides us each and every day and has the biggest impact on our lives.

Focus Habits:
  • Health
  • Productivity
  • Exercise
  • Communication

5. Leaders Focus On Organization:

Leaders prioritize organization. Leading up to being organized they also brainstorm – a lot. Getting their thoughts out onto paper and journaling is an important daily task they stay on top of.

Organization starts with clarity in the mind and ripples out into our world through many different aspects of organization.

Cleaning out and organizing their environment creates ease in their day to day task completion.

Lastly, planning to make sure they follow a plan, and stick to it every task of the way!

Focus Habits:
  • Clarity – clearing the mind
  • Clean environment
  • Journaling
  • Brainstorming

6. Lead With Optimism:

Optimism is the ability to look into the future with hope and confidence knowing that things will work out, therefore, when something goes wrong a leader steps past defeat, knowing that the future has better things in store for them.

Life goes on and rather than driving life to a holt when a bad experience happens. A leader finds some kind of opportunity in every situation.

Having a positive outlook about each situation that comes our way is essential for good leadership. Fear, paranoia and worry don’t vibe with the abundance that optimism brings.

Leaders who hold optimism can see success around the corner even if it’s not realistic in that present moment.

  • Faith in the vision
  • Confidence in the future
  • Always holding a positive outlook
  • Abundance

7. Leaders Set Intentions:

“Today’s going to work out as it’s meant to work out today.” Flow is a component of setting powerful intentions. A leader knows that things will not happen exactly as they expect things to work out for them. They know that they have the power to guide their life through intentions. Sometimes having things work out also means letting go of your best throughout the outcome.

When we can truly let go of magic happens in leadership.

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The ability to inspire and manage other people also comes with peace and patience. Leaders know when to ask for what they need to guide their results but then also knowing when to let go and move forward with what matters, focusing on the people on their team that matter.  Let everything else they wanted to find it’s placed in their life. If something doesn’t find a place in their life, they’re okay with that and ready to trot forward to the next big thing.

Create a space of peace and ease for the people about you!

  • Guide your day with an intention
  • Know when it’s time to let go
  • Focus on the people that matter
  • Remove expectation
  • Always look forward to the next opportunity

8. Leaders Have A Big Vision:

“It doesn’t have to be real today, it will be a reality next year.” A leader knows to lead with a vision that’s often greater than what reality presently is for them. They fuel their own energy and don’t rely on others for motivation because they know that they are accountable for their results.

A leader creates a deep desire within themselves to make things happen.

They often leave people with a new perspective and open up a new world of understanding for others. Never discouraging new ideas and let others create. Their creativity is important and there are never any bad idea’s. Each idea is worth looking at and just because one idea may not fit into this year’s plan. It can fit into a 10 or 20-year plan. Leaders see the big picture and think long term.

They don’t shut down idea’s and handle their own wall’s and overcome their insecurity daily.

  • Lead with a vision
  • Fuel, your own energy
  • Never shut down idea’s
  • Set a 10 – 20-year vision or focus
  • Focus on creation & creativity

9. Leaders Take Well Calculated & Accessed Action:

Leaders are planners, not only do they know themselves extremely well but they also map out there destination. They have a plan.

Leaders also weed out their environment by removing toxic relationships and environments out of their life. They observe other people’s actions and listen to what they say and are very good at setting boundaries with their family, friends and peers.

Leaders observe others and listen carefully. They make decisions based on other people’s actions and are solution-focused.

You’ll often see a leader judging the situation and taking action towards a solution. They understand the value of what’s good and bad for their team, environment, workspace and they know what to do once they’re clear about what’s going on.

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  • Always plan ahead
  • Remove toxic relationships
  • Observing other peoples actions and listen to what they say
  • Get good at setting boundaries

10. Leaders Find Inspiration:

First of all, to keep motivation and creativity high, leaders are always looking for inspiration.

When you are deeply inspired, you are inspirational

While what makes a leader inspirational is their deep desire to make something big happen. They don’t seek to gain energy from other people. Leaders are a source of energy because they create it themselves.

They are constantly surrounding themselves with new ideas that enhance their world view and outlook about life. This desire to expand their word view inspires them and as a result of this disire, it makes them inspirational to others.

  • Always be looking for inspiration
  • Focus on having a deep desire
  • Create our own energy
  • Be a source of energy
  • Keep motivation and creativity high

11. Leaders Have Valuable Personal Conversations:

I know the questions I ask, give me answers to whatever seems to be confusing me at that moment.

It’s important to learn to begin asking the right kind of questions in contrast to always telling ourselves how we are.

  • “You are not good enough.”
  • “Hey, you aren’t smart enough”
  • “You can’t lead yourself let alone other.”

Think about how many times a day you communicate with yourself. What are you saying to yourself?

I am challenging you to start asking more questions:

  • ” How can I become good at…”
  • “What should I learn to….”
  • ” How can I lead more people?”

Above all words are powerful, use them to have more important conversations that lead you to where you want to do.


  • Hold powerful conversations with yourself
  • Let those conversations assist you towards your end goal
  • Words are powerful

12. Leaders Work On Self-Trust & Confidence:

The more you keep your word, the more you’ll trust yourself. Building self-confidence is important when it comes to leadership.

Your Past:

It’s important to accept your past. Coming to terms with what happened. Forgiving yourself & others as a result of some of the things that may have hurt you previously.

Your Present Moment:

Be content with who you are at this moment. Don’t resist yourself for the things you don’t have. Or wish something about you was different. Accept it. See what you can enhance about the good in you moving forward.

Your Future:

Have a dream! Let your dream impact other people. Share that dream with others & allow them to start dreaming on their own! You are worth it!

It’s made up of 4 personality styles:
  1. Promoter
  2. Supporter
  3. Controller
  4. Analyzer

First of all, the personality styles are listed from #1 – #4 just for system purposes in these articles. There is no #1 or the best personality. Successful people come from all quadrants of the matrix.

You are unique. Everyone has a different combination of personality styles. It’s what we do with our talents that make the difference. What we master that defines our success.


Some refer to the quadrant named “Controller” as “Driver” as for personality characteristics they remain the same!

Learn your personality style:

With that being said all personality styles have their gifts. There is always room to grow, as is with everything in life.

Learn More Here: What Is My Personal Leadership Style – The Personality Matrix

Awareness is key, we all ultimately decide what we want to be in life. We each get to choose what we want to work on.

Julia Maria Nica

Life & Dream Coach

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unraveling the pain of her life. Today she focuses on building The You Series, coaching her clients, and creating new content.

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