How to stay positive and productive throughout the week? It’s the big question many of us ask ourselves in the midst of the chaos. If you constantly gain new knowledge-based around who you want to become. Stay pin focused on what you want to achieve and keep working at it. As your week goes on practice to apply these to your daily routine to have many profitable weeks ahead!

1. Gratitude

You must feel amazing first! Just like the saying “Dress for success” you must dress and empower your mindset for success. Give yourself gratitude and truly mean it.

Do you sometimes feel like you desire to be admired more often?

What’s stopping you? Admire yourself!


2. Mornings 

Start your day off strong! Take some time to refocus in the mornings is extremely important. It sets the pace for your day. You don’t need to start working right away but just have a ritual. Read some lifestyle articles or a book, meditate, go for a walk, do some breathing exercises and lastly clean up and look ready to take on the world!


3. Team Work 

One of the best ways on how to stay positive and productive throughout the week has someone to hold you accountable! Teamwork makes everything run much smoother. You don’t even have to be working on the same project. Just having someone around to support and be supported in return creates a lot of momentum.


4. Little Changes 

Often times we get caught up in the massive goals, massive ambitions and huge destinations we intend to get to accomplish in our lives. Here is a thought, make tiny little changes, like a step ladder to your destination. When a task seems too overwhelming, slow down and break it down to little daily changes that sum up to one massive goal!


5. FUN 

There is a time for work but we must make time for play too! When we relax have fun and adventure it allows us to stir up new ideas! If you are especially stressed out take some time off and do something relaxing but FUN! Laugh lots! Get some great friends together. Take your dog to their fav. dog park or simply just step outside and do some jumping jacks and perhaps talk to a someone new! The first step to having fun is doing things with more energy and always being excited!


6. Focus

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” Focus on creating a constant flow of great things in your life. If something bad, negative or unfortunate happens to get that out of your life as soon as possible!  Take that time for peace as much as you can. Refresh your mind to refocus on what you need to do and where you are going. The purpose is powerful! Having a strong purpose moves you forward and keeps you focused in a strong state of mind. BE unshakable in your goals, be unshakable in your core values and be unshakable in your purpose.


7. Small Tasks

Take your vision or “To Do” list and figure out whats most important. Then break it down into smaller more attainable tasks. For some, it’s easier to hack at it daily for an hour. For others, it’s better to sit down once a week and work on your goals and errands all day Sunday! Test a few different systems and styles of going about accomplishing what you need to do then stick with what you find works best for you!

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