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My story is a unique one full of sadness and heartache. 

Becoming a mom at the age of 18 came with many struggles, while I was overcoming my difficult past. On my parenting journey to find my happiness, and a happy mom.

I learned that no one really thought me the tools to help me have a happy life.  I had to go out and find the tools that worked for me. This helped me be a happy mom and helped my kids be inspired.

Your actions count:

My kids 100% learn more from my actions than what I say and your kids are just the same. Are you ready to get started on your road to being a happy mom. Here is some amazing tool that has really helped me in my parenting and how to be a happy mom.

1. Teach Yourself To Meditate Or Practice Mindfulness

Meditation is a great way to learn to focus on the present moment and shut out the worries and concerns that are causing your stress. It’s been shown to improve both physical and mental health; it can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and even slow down the aging process. When you meditate correctly, you’ll learn how to control your thoughts so they don’t dominate or overwhelm you. 

At first, though, meditation may seem difficult—you may think that your mind won’t stop racing long enough for you to get into that perfect meditative state. However, it’s not as hard as it seems! All you need is a bit of dedication, and with some practice, any mom can reach her full mediation potential in no time at all. Meditation is an important happy mom step!

Here is how:

Sit in a comfortable position somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for about ten minutes (you can work up to longer periods later).

Close your eyes and try to clear your mind of any thoughts except those of calmness and serenity (easy enough!). If unwanted thoughts pop into your head—and they probably will at first—don’t fight them or try to push them away. Instead, try letting them float past like clouds in the sky without attaching any importance to them. Then go back to thinking about being peaceful! 

Another tip that has helped me when I am having a hard time finding that calm or serene thought is having a white noise going in the background it can be a fan, air container, or even a white-nose app. It is a good thing to focus on to help clear your mind and get into a meditation state. Don’t worry if this is difficult at first; just stick with it every day for a few weeks until meditation becomes second nature and you be a happy mom before you even know it. 

2. Use A Gratitude Journal

If you’re a mom and are interested in being happy, one thing you can do is keep a gratitude journal. Keeping a gratitude journal helps because it’s hard to be unhappy when you’re thinking about what makes your life good. A lot of people say that keeping a gratitude journal has helped them improve their mental health and it makes parenting easier.

How to keep a gratitude journal:

  • Set aside time every day to write down something you’re grateful for. Usually, the best time is before bed or first thing in the morning before the kids get up.
  • You need three things: paper, a pen, and something you’re grateful for! The paper can be as simple as some printer paper cut down to size or as fancy as an expensive notebook with art on the cover (although if your notebook is really fancy, it might be hard to actually write in). Just make sure that whatever pen you use has an ink color that doesn’t bleed through your paper! It also doesn’t matter if you write longhand or print, just make sure it’s legible enough for you to read later on! Once those items are acquired, there’s no stopping you from enjoying all the benefits of this activity.
  • Some examples of things that would work well in a gratitude journal include friends who are always there for me when I have bad days; my job; my children; my ability to walk; indoor plumbing etc.

3. Get The Stress Out

When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, which is incredibly unhealthy for your body and can lead to weight gain, insomnia, and inflammation. There are plenty of ways to keep your cortisol levels low. Some of them include getting a massage, taking a hot bath, or doing yoga. You could also do something as simple as taking a walk around the block or trying a new workout class. Anything that gets you moving and keeps you healthy will help reduce stress levels. 

For many moms, there’s nothing more stressful than working around their children’s schedules—especially when they have more than one child! If this sounds like you and you find yourself unable to carve out time in your busy schedule for self-care, consider asking for help from family members (if possible) so that you can go get a haircut or go to the spa without worrying about whether your kids will be okay at home with the babysitter for an hour or two.”

Finally, aim for eight hours of sleep each night!. Getting a restful night’s sleep is vital to your health and well-being. Not only does it help you feel more energetic and positive during the day, but it also improves your digestive and immune systems. To ensure that you are getting enough healthy sleep each night, aim for at least seven hours per night. If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Try these helpful tips:

  • Turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Use blackout curtains or shades to keep out sunlight

You will be surprised how much this helps your parenting and how easier it will be to be a happy mom.

4. Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax, relieve stress, and improve your flexibility and overall fitness levels. It’s also not a competition: this is something you do for yourself.

Yoga can be done by anyone at any age or level of physical fitness. There are options that can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, as well as pregnant women and those with injuries or other limitations. You can even do it at home!

My favorite at-home yoga is Yoga With Adriene, she is very warm and easy-going, and funny to boot. She has made my parenting skills improve in ways I never thought I could. No more yelling at the kids and becoming a more patient happy mom.

5. Take A Walk Outside Every Day

Take a walk outside every day.

This should be non-negotiable. I know, some days it will look different than others (some days you may only have time to do laps in your driveway while your baby naps), but try to get outside and get moving daily—preferably with the kids in tow.

This is good for everyone. It’s good for your health, it’s relaxing, and the fresh air makes everyone happier. It gets you out of the house, and it gives you space to think about things besides diapers and laundry (even if just for 10 minutes) and everting else that comes with parenting.

For those of you who are “not runners” or “don’t like walking”: Just give yourself permission to take a leisurely pace—don’t worry about burning calories or training for a marathon (unless that floats your boat, then go for it!). Try not to make this an added stressor on yourself by putting too much pressure on yourself—the main goal here is just to get outside and enjoy some fresh air!

6. Prepare For The Morning The Night Before

When the kids are young, it’s a good idea to try and get as much of the morning done before they wake up. This is a big key to being happy mom.

Her is something you might try:

  • Organize your children’s clothes so that their outfit is already picked out for them
  • Pack lunches for everyone who will be eating lunch away from home.
  • Set out breakfast dishes and cooking materials so that you won’t have to think about what to eat in the morning. The same goes for packing snacks if your kids or spouse like to take any along with them on their day trip.
  • Think about what you will wear tomorrow, and lay out your outfit so that you don’t have to spend time deciding in the morning. While you’re at it, prepare an extra shirt in case someone spills something on yours during breakfast! It’s also a good idea to fill up any water bottles and store them in the fridge so they’re cold when needed. If your family likes coffee or tea, then having that ready before bedtime can make all the difference between getting started smoothly or rushing around trying not to miss school buses.

7. Carve Out Time To Do Something You Love

Dont get me wrong I know how challenging this can be when you are parenting children but carving out time to do something you love is a priority. As someone who is passionately committed to the happiness of her family, it’s crucial for you to take time for yourself so you can continue being your best self and doing what you love. Find a day of the week that works for you, and schedule a time during which no one else will disturb you. If possible, make sure this is an uninterrupted alone time where not even your phone can reach you.

Some ideas:

  • Read a book
  • Write in your journal
  • Go on a run
  • Take a long walk
  • Consider getting involved in an activity that allows you to bond with other moms. Networking with other moms can be uplifting, especially if they’re going through similar experiences as yourself right now. A group I’ve belonged to since my daughter was born has been a tremendous help when things get tough—we meet every Tuesday at noon and discuss ways we can improve our family lives!

The bottom line is to find something you love to do even if you have to try a few thing to find what feels right.

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8. Let Go Of Perfectionism

While the idea of perfectionism is noble, it can also be a major source of stress and anxiety. When we try to live up to our unrealistic expectations, it’s easy to feel like we’re failing as parents.

To stop beating yourself up over your imperfections and achieve true happiness as a mom, let go of perfectionism and focus on progress instead. Let’s talk about some ways to get started!

Compare yourself today with who you were yesterday:

This will shift your focus toward positive change rather than ruminating on mistakes you made in the past.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes and practice self-compassion:

This will help you treat yourself with more kindness overall and avoid feeling like you’re never doing anything right.

Start letting go of the idea that you should be perfect:

Start by saying “I’m not perfect, but I am (insert something great about yourself here).” This will remind you that even though none of us are flawless, we all have things about ourselves that make us wonderful parents regardless.

Don’t get wrapped up in social media comparison:

It can be so tempting to compare yourself and your family to the “perfect” looking families you see on social media. All of us do it.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that most of what we see is staged, edited, and rehearsed. The second anyone’s phone comes out, everyone smiles and looks at the camera in perfect harmony. They’re not actually like that all day long! When you really think about it, does anyone have their life together all the time? Of course not! So put away the phone for a minute, put down your device and enjoy being with your family!

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Different Ways To Improve Yourself To Become A Happy Mom

A lot of people think that happiness is something that comes from someone else. They assume that their partner, their children, or even a promotion at work will magically make them happier. The truth is that only you can make yourself a happy mom. You can decide to let the things in your life make you unhappy.  Or you can choose to rise above them and be happy anyway. As a mom, this is going to be really important.

There are many different ways to improve your own happiness as a mom. One way is to simply decide to be a happy mom and then do whatever it takes every day to stay that way. It might also mean just waking up every single morning and making a conscious decision not to let any negativity into your life for one more day!

Keep your word:

Keeping your word to yourself goes a long way on the road to becoming a happy mom.  No more beating yourself up for taking time for yourself. One of the biggest compliments that I have ever gotten was from a friend of mine. She told me my kids look happier since I found  self-love and started taking better care of myself. Keep this in mind next time you feel guilty for doing it.

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