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Why Am I Stressed All The Time – Solutions To Having More Peace


Stress is commonly an indication of a real-life circumstance pressing on us emotionally. Most times the way process, react or think about a situation in our life will create stress. Overthinking often creates stress and it’s definitely a sign of living more in one’s thoughts as opposed to the present moment in your life. At some point, we all begin to ask the same question; “Why am I stressed all the time?”

Stress is the result of something holding on to something that's meant to be released.

Julia Maria NicaLife Coach

Some might argue that a little bit of stress might be healthy, that stress fuels us into action and we may need it to see progress in the world. The emotion they are trying to pinpoint is in fact not stress but more un-comfort.

Having a little uncertainty and un-comfort in our lives can fuel us into action. We need to feel some kind of fire burning under our butts to get things done therefore it’s not, stress that fuels us into action but it’s more about having a level of uncertainty and un-comfort. If we had everything we wanted in our life.. eventually we would get complacent and bored. Stress can still be present because stress is the result of our perspective and thinking.

With all that being said, stress is more of a killer of our good health and joy than anything.

Thinking constantly about a situation that we can’t change in the present moment is what creates stress in our lives. We hold on to something because of our expectations of that situation have not been fulfilled. Perhaps someone didn’t act the way we anticipated. Sometimes the expectations we have can be about ourselves. Therefore we may hold on to disappointment about ourselves.

Why does stress give us different results in life?

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How do we begin to release the things that are affecting us?

Often times the things that stress us outcome in cycles, we usually stress about – money, bills, relationship conflicts, work or body image.

Focusing on something and revisiting a moment or occasion in an unsupportive manner is what creates stress.

Julia Maria NicaLife Coach

We have all been there…

I’m going to emphasizing the power of releasing the things that stress us out, here is why:

Most times stress it’s an indication that we are choosing to not let go of something or simply grasp its lesson. As a result of taking new action in a different direction.

When I say “Release” or “let go” I mean emotionally moving on. I’m not saying give up on your life and stop taking action towards what you want.

I’m saying… “If it’s causing you stress, you are holding on to something that just hasn’t met it’s time to enter into your life!”

If letting go, release the stress that’s present in your life. Then I could almost say – if you are in a stressed-out state, you’re being mildly stubborn. Why are you not accepting the present moment?

When I say “accept it” – I don’t mean live with it. But more in terms of surrender what you can’t control and find what you can embrace at that moment.

In a negative situation is always a lesson and actually something you CAN embrace!

Julia Maria NicaLife Coach
The You Series

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Here is an example of negative non-supportive thinking:

“I wanted that to happen and it’s not happening, therefore, I’m going to keep revisiting these thoughts.” – there is no real solution involved in this process.

You MUST be solution focus on everything that goes on. Focusing on solutions will also make you feel a sense of strength and power!

3 Different Situations Stress Seem To Show Up In:

I’ll go over different scenarios that we can find stress as being present in our lives and explain how we can move through those roadblocks.


1. Body Image:


“I’ve gained weight, I’m getting older and my body isn’t the way it used to be.”


Let’s look at what’s going on here, well, first of all, we are not accepting the present moment for what it is.

As well as, we aren’t letting go of the fact that our body has changed as it naturally will over time. Everyone is ageing – it’s a simple reality we should acknowledge.

Lastly, a solution? What’s the solution? There are SO many! First of all, one could work out or change themselves to gain better their eating habits. Some foods support anti-ageing. There are also masks and other health treatments that can take a few years off our face & body.

When it comes to body image sometimes our negative focus on ourselves only makes us ten times worse. So ultimately releasing it and taking steps in a direction that supports us to get the results we want is much more powerful and free-ing!


2. Work:

Let’s go to an extreme here –


“I’m working a job that I don’t really fit in. I just keep on butting heads with coworkers. I’m definitely not happy at work and don’t feel as though I’m going anywhere. Roomers say that managers will be firing a bunch of people at the end of the year.”


As a result of your working space and circumstance, you wake up every morning stressed out that you might lose your job and be jobless.

Firstly, let me explain to you something about the universe, God or whatever it is you believe in. They all seem to run by the same laws. In a sense when we are not in the right place that’s not serving us, or what we are doing is not serving other people. The world has its unique way of readjusting it’s self to a better position that tends to serve for lives. It doesn’t mean you are BAD or GOOD. It just means you’re finding your new position!

This is what we call alignment and for those who don’t feel aligned and seem to always have negative things happen to them. It’s actually where you can see your life positioning its self for alignment!

I mean how much longer is everyone supposed to live out of alignment?

Is This Good Luck? Or Bad Luck?

This is what truthfully separates the people that seem to just have good luck and those who don’t have any luck at all. It has nothing to do with luck but more to do with the action one chooses to take!

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Let me explain!

For the unlucky ones, do you think they stay in that job and find themselves stressed out every morning?

Did I just say stress again? And…

Is it luck or is it perspective, self-respect & action?

Well, first of all, the workplace doesn’t serve you. If it doesn’t serve you. you are likely unhappy and probably not serving others to your capacity as well. But… because it provides you with the money you need. You keep going there, holding on to a job that ultimately doesn’t make you happy.

You still have that doomsday – that’s you presume is coming and it’s hovering over your head. Some people are going to lose their jobs, because of how you feel… you’re probably thinking you are one of them but for some reason. You wake up every day holding on this job and going to this job revisiting the same scenario day in and day out.

You are holding on to something that’s meant to be released, surrender, and completely let go of!

The question we seem to forget to ask is:

  1. You can ask yourself “What are we in control of?”
  2. “What can we change?”
  3. As well as, “What can I do better?”

Well, let me answer that for you! There are so many things that can change!

Firstly, there is a better job out there somewhere for you – so looking for a new one that excites you is an option! That job might come right after you are fired or to escape all the stress that you bring upon yourself for the next few months. You can start looking for it now and save yourself the emotional rollercoaster. Also, maybe there is growth that needs to happen, perhaps people at work think you have a bad attitude & it’s time to take responsibility and make a change within yourself!

Either way, the world will shift and put things in place if you don’t!

“The lucky person”

  • This lucky person would no longer be at that same job you might still be in because they know it wasn’t a fit and they took action to be in a better environment!
  • The lucky person often thinks differently and takes different actions.

And hey, if you are “The lucky person” all power to you! Keep up the good work!

If you’re just learning all of this about yourself now! You are also doing great!

3. Relationships


“I’ve been a relationship that’s not serving me. We are both unhappy and barely talk about the future. Kids? Travel? There isn’t really any progress. I feel unloved. Luckily we don’t have kids. I’ve been in this for 4 years already. But we are both comfortable. I’m beginning to see we want different things out of our lives.”

So many people stay in these situations because they may have extra financial support or all their friends think that relationship is great!

Everything that’s happening makes you feel unloved. Perhaps, you even gain some weight because of the emotional state you have been in. You are stressed & stress also makes you gain weight.

But when you look at the fact. You both want different things.

“Do I stay, and make it work? Or do I move on?”

If some cases with both people in that relationship still in love and onboard to make it work. You could have amazing results.

If you are the only one willing to put in that kind of effort and the other person doesn’t care. You don’t have kids together, and are both better at moving on and finding something that at the very least allows you to feel loved!

For relationships, I recommend being with someone that has similar values and want’s to go in a similar direction as you! You don’t have to be the exact same but your growth and focus in life should be similar!

In this situation letting go of the security and comfort of being in that relationship, is what would be best for both individuals.

I can typically show you what you are holding on to in any situation you are in because there is always something that’s meant to be released when some kind of worry and stress is present.

Releasing something isn’t easy but with faith – it’s possible. Have faith in what happens to you or what has happened, can change your life. Faith is knowing that a transformation is possible!

So in ways, I could also say if you’re facing stress you’re also lacking faith?

I have always found that I studying myself and avidly observe which focuses get me to an emotional state I enjoy most. We don’t get to know the good if we don’t understand why the bad happened. I also pinpoint which experiences I want to move past and what I need to change to get to a better place in many aspects of my life. Then I observe what’s familiar to me in others and learn from how they react. I also always question to understand what’s new and not familiar.

If we can ultimately have faith in ourselves, our goals and the possibility in life we can slowly remove the stress, the unease, drama, and lack of joy that’s present to each and every one of us when we approach those testing moments.

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So, moving forward to challenge yourself to notice the stress in your life. Ask these questions:

  1. What are you thinking about and why is it triggering you?
  2. Where are you not accepting something?
  3. What are you not releasing?
  4. Belief – Where are you lacking faith?
  5. What throughout your perspective needs to change?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

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Julia Maria Nica

Life & Dream Coach

Julia grew up in Vancouver, B.C. She immigrated from Romania to Canada in the ’90s with her family. After high school, Julia decided to find her passion. Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. She came up with the idea of The YOU Series as a part of unravelling her pain’s from her life. Today she focuses on building The You Series, writing content, coaching her clients and creating new courses.

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