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Unfortunately, you’ll be getting advice from everywhere you turn, and it all will all most likely be different. Here are my 8 tips that I feel are some of the most essential tools you’ll use as a parent. Please feel free to share some of your own tips so that everyone that’s reading can benefit from your expertise as a parent.


1. It Won’t Be Like This Forever

The first 5 years are the hardest, especially when you’re a new parent with lots of doubts. Read as much as you can but put your own personal twist on it. Talk to other parents; everyone has a good idea of handling parenthood in their own way. Even if what works for them doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, you can put your own personal twist on it because, in the end, every family is different!

It’s also okay to have a messy house, don’t clean when the baby sleeps, sleep with the baby, and most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Parenthood is the most challenging job in the world as long as you’re doing it right.


2. Don’t Ever Give In To Tantrums!

Even if it’s a quick fix to get them to stop. Your toddler is way more intelligent than they let on (they know you’re a new parent), and if you give in once, you will have to give in every time. Then if you try not to give in, they will work harder, cry longer till you cave. There are a few things you can do to help them get through the tantrum. Try to ignore them, walk away (if it’s safe), and don’t look at them; show them their tantrum is not affecting you. You can also try talking to them, bend down to their level and give them 2 choices, which not only distracted from their tantrums but empowers them by making their own choice (well, kinda).


3. Be A Kid Again!

Having a kid lets you get away with acting like one and not looking like you’re crazy. So have fun, run, swing, and climb the jungles gym. Was there a toy that you always wanted that your parents would not buy for you? Well, guess what? Now you can buy it for your kid and play with it too. Your child’s best memories will be the ones where you played along with them. So who cares if your house is a mess? Put down the sponge and color, read books, play board games, LEGOs, dolls, and freeze tag. See how fun it is for a new parent.


4. Start Healthy Eating Habits Right From The Jump!

When they first start eating food, you introduce the veggies first, then fruit. Keep that up as they get older. Shop at natural food stores and cook as much food from scratch as you can using natural ingredients. Surf the web, there are so many websites that have quick and easy recipes. As they get older, they will see TV commercials and their friends at school eating different kinds of food than them. Being a new parent is tough, always be looking for new parent tips & tricks to help ease your journey.

Teach them that soda, junk food, and fast food are things you only have in moderation, and they are poison for their bodies. Food is fuel

5. Positive Thinking Is The Only Way Of Thinking!

new parentKids hear and watch you more than you think they do. Be positive about life, other people, and most of all them. If they make a mistake, don’t belittle them; talk to them calmly and find a positive action to correct the error or positive solutions to prevent it from happening again. You are molding your child’s confidence and teaching them how to treat other people. You are what you think, and it’s your job to teach your children how to think.

6. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Them About School!

School is 100% important but try to make learning fun. All kids are different, and they all learn in different ways; some kids are just not school smart. Your job as their parent is to find ways that learning can be fun and easy for them. For example, make up silly songs or fun acronyms to help them remember spelling words or math work.

Once a week, have your child teach you what they are learning in school in every subject. Not only will they pay attention more to the lesson because they know they’re going to have to teach it to you. It will reinforce it without them feeling like all they do is study, and as a bonus, you will get some bonding time with them. Which gets more challenging as they grow older.

7. Teach Them About Finances And Building Assets!

It’s never too young to start teaching your kids about finances. And if nobody taught you, it’s never too late to learn the internet has so many unique ways to find financial knowledge. First, you can make it a game, make fake money, and set up a market to go shopping, teaching them about taxes. Then, as they get older, you can change from a game to having them work for money by helping around the house. You can even make them earn privileges like a wi-fi password or a memorable trip to the ice cream shop like I did.

When they get into their teen years, have them start reading books, watching YouTube videos about finances, building assets, and being successful. These are things they do not teach in school, and it’s up to you to teach them. Learn with them so you can talk about it and reinforce the material.

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8. Self-Love

This was the hardest lesson for me to learn as a new parent. I felt selfish every time I did something for myself until, one day, I hit a wall. I’d burnt out and had nothing left to give to my family. I realized taking care of myself was, in a way, taking care of them too. I was a much happier mom, and I was teaching them how important self-love is. I’d only talk about myself in loving ways; I would go out with friends (no kids allowed), find hobbies I liked that were just for me, and most importantly, set personal goals.

Every good parent should take 10% of their day for self-love or save it till Sunday and use 70% all in one day. That person you were before you had kids is still in there and needs to come out and play too!

To wrap things up!

I hope my 8 new parent tips helped ease your mind a little. Trust your gut because, in the end, you know what is best for your child. Also never be judgmental to another parent just because they are doing it differently than you. We are all different in our special ways. 

Truly N Thomas

Self-Love Life Coach

Truly is a mother of 4 children. As she has overcome her hurdles in life she found her passion in focusing on working with parents to build a better relationship and environment with their children. Her focus is to serving others with powerful tools through coaching. One of her focuses are Self-Love as it was the most transformative turning point in her journey.

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