Easy DIY Wall Decor You Can Make From A Dried Up Bouquet Of Flowers

In this post, I’ll be talking about creating a cool DIY wall decor art project in a simple, fun & easy way. You need much to make this project happen just a couple of supplies & flowers.

What’s special about this is that you can save some flowers that you get from special occasions & turn that memorabilia into beautiful home decor pieces.

I decided to do this with a bouquet of flowers that I received from my partner on valentine’s day (image to the right).

I learned about drying out and pressing flowers as a child watching my Mom do it growing up. As this bouquet of flowers started to die I noticed the opportunity to dry out some of the flowers that were still in good shape.

Growing up, I’d find dried out herbs & flowers in books we had throughout the house. From time to time my Mom would glue them on posters and make some kind of art with them. That’s kind of what inspired this idea.

What you’ll need:

  1. At least 1 to 3 types of flowers. Dried up in between a book with some kind of weight on top of them to flatten the flowers.
  2. See-through glass picture frame.
  3. Alphabet Stickers (Optional)

I’ll provide some links below so that you can order any of the additional supplies you might need for this project below.


The Frame That Inspired This DIY:

I was in a Dollaramma in Canada and got inspired when I saw this transparent frame at a local Dollaramma. (See comparison image below)

DIY Wall Decor

I was aware that I had the flowers tucked away under a bunch of books all dried up. They had been sitting there for a few months. To be honest I wasn’t sure what I’d do with them but I just thought saving them was worth it.

Unfortunately, I do not know what kind of flowers they are. (If you do know what kind of flowers they are, let me know!)

Let us cover what you need so that you can create your unique DIY project for your home! This is a beautiful keepsake that you can use to decorate any room in your home.

What I love most about this project is that it doesn’t take any kind of in-depth artistic skill.

Ordering Your Frame:

Here are a few frames I’d order off of Amazon Canada & the USA. While your flowers are drying out, you’ll have plenty of time to order your supplies online!

How To Dry & Flatten Your Fresh Flowers:

You want to select a few flowers that will look good flattened. I’ve personally found that smaller flowers work better than bigger flowers. I encourage you to experiment with this project because you never know what will look good until you try it out.

You want to place the flowers in some paper towel and I’ve always found that opening a book up and placing the flowers in the middle of the book works best! A pamphlet could work to depending on where you plan to let them dry out.

Make sure to find something heavy to put the book/pamphlet under. You can add a heavy stack of books on top of it or even put in under flat furniture that will help flatten the flowers.

Let the flowers dry out & flatten out. It should take about a week but you can let them sit there for longer.

DIY Wall Decor

Adding A Quote Or Words To Your Frame:

I love having positive reminders in my home, on my phone and in my surrounding environment, therefore I thought that adding “So Grateful.” was appropriate for this DIY.  I am grateful for my partner and everything he does for me. Gratitude is so powerful. It can transform the life of anyone who practices it. As well as, I’d like to be reminded of that gratitude.

I found some stickers to add above the dried out flowers to add a sweet positive reminder to the DIY.

If you don’t want to buy stickers, you can also cut out an outline of a printed quote and spray paint the quote on to the glass of the frame for a different style. Canva is a great online design platform that allows anyone to create beautiful designs online.

Ordering Your Frame:

Here are a few frames I’d order off of Amazon Canada & the USA. While your flowers are drying out, you’ll have plenty of time to order your supplies online!

Have fun with this project and get creative with it! Trust yourself. Create something beautiful out of special moments in your life.

Lastly, make sure to acknowledge yourself for the time you put into completing anything in your life and celebrate your DIY wall decor project! Celebrating yourself is one of the key components to cheering yourself up.

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