Imagine changing your habits and finding ways to celebrate your greatest accomplishments instead of criticizing yourself about where you fell short. We too often criticize ourselves for failure because it’s the habit we have formed. The most surprising part is, most often people will actually criticize themselves after succeeding.

Why? because naturally, we wish we finished faster or did a better job. The not good enough mindset is torture and does not benefit anyone.

The excitement you feel when you plan a vacation or get something you want is the feeling you should be shooting for when working to get into the habit of celebrating successes!

Small successes are celebrated with grand excitement and little or big treats (it’s up to you)! 

Big successes are celebrated with grand excitement and BIG TREATS!

Any type of success must be celebrated with grand excitement. You want your body and mind to be hungry for more.

Here are some great ways to celebrate your success:
  1. Dance (There are huge benefits to celebrating in motion. You can read more about how motion creates emotion)
  2. Jump for joy
  3. Compliment yourself in the mirror
  4. Go for a walk and enjoy nature
  5. take yourself our for some desert
  6. Drink some wine
  7. Talk about it to all of your friends in joy
  8. Take a leisure class you have always wanted to take
  9. Go work out
  10. Buy yourself something new
  11. Create something (If you’re creative and artistic, it’s always exciting to unwind with some crafts!)
  12. Clean your home (This may sound off to you depending on what your perspective is around cleaning. Imagine turning on your fav songs and cleaning your home, it’s actually fun! Sometimes when we are busy working or hitting a deadline things get messy. It’s always great to give ourselves some time to recollect ourselves and putting home back together!)
  13. Book a Vacation
  14. Go see a great friend you have not to see for a while
  15. Take yourself out to a movie
  16. Drink wine
  17. Have your family over
  18. Go for a massage
  19. Get a manicure
  20. Take a day off
  21. Buy a new office tool (New office tools you will eventually need for work can be saved for purchase as rewards when you celebrate a new success)
  22. Smile to everyone
  23. Celebrate others and you will find the giveback
  24. Take a beach day
  25. Go out on a date
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