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There are many reasons to smile more every day. Have you ever heard the quote “Feelings seem to follow actions”? When It feels the world is coming down on us sometimes all we need is to change our state, with motion and our action. Smiling is one very simple way to do so. Naturally, sometimes we just take them for granted.  With intention, your perspective and focus can change! It’s just a matter of deciding how you would like to feel, then setting the intention of specifically what you want. Moving forward to make sure to cut out any negative thoughts.

7 Great Reasons to Smile More Every Day:

 1. You have a new breath you CAN take: 

It’s so simple but so grand, one important component that takes a huge roll in our mobility and strength. If it stops, you stop and seize to exist. It’s definitely something to rejoice.

2. Improves Happiness:

Just try it right now smile with the intention of kindness and love within you. How do you feel? It’s almost impossible to intentionally smile like that and feel unhappy. So perhaps sometimes when we say “I just wish I was happier” or ” Everything is horrible and not working out for me nowadays.” Don’t you think consistently smiling can fix that?

3. Smiling reduces stress and is good for your health:

The biggest reason for stress is the pressure and unhappiness of an unbalanced life. If you can improve your happiness, the tasks at hand will become less stressful. You may even just start enjoying the things that “Once stressed you out.” It’s like that term “putting the pain in procrastination”. Where do you put the pain?  That determines your outcome. Our happiness is in the hands of our perspective and actions

4. You have a computer and can read this article:

There used to be a time in the distant past where we had to dial up an internet connection and computers were huge. In today’s world, we can access articles like this from our phones. Google can practically answer any question, with knowledge and education at our fingertips.

5. Family & friends:

The people in our lives that we have to love around us. How must time do we put in appreciating them and being kind to them? Being kind, excited and always smiling, knowing we are so lucky to have what we already have in our lives.

6. The ability to use public transportation, drive cars and get on airplanes:

Just imagine having to ride a horse in the winter time or in the hot sun without air conditioning. Travelling on a horse can take from 1 whole day to months. It’s ridiculously obvious that this is a luxury that you have every day but how often do you realize it? It’s definitely something to smile about.

7. Pets and all the love and loyalty they have to give:

Since our pets are the best supporters, they don’t know what complaining even is and bring us so much joy (most of the time) it’s easy to smile about having them in our lives. How often are you grateful for their health or mobility?

There are probably many other great reasons to smile more every day. Gratitude is one of the greatest supporters or true happiness and it will definitely allow your smile to blossom! It’s our job to find them, always working on our mindset and focusing on growing. Even if at this moment you don’t feel happy, what you choose to think about will direct your happiness. Mastering this habit is a true challenge in life.

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