Ideas – Require Action

Great Ideas, the average person has a million dollar idea every week to every month. What sets that brilliant idea back? The reality is that all great ideas require action.  With out action our ideas are nothing more than ideas. It’s great to constantly have bright ideas but wouldn’t it be nice to make something of them? Perhaps even be publicly recognized for them?   Many times I get lost in my thoughts and more often than not, I spend a lot of time lost in my thought vortex. Thinking is a healthy practice it helps instinct and growth. Thinking keeps us in a learned state. It is a productive state of mind but when there is no physical action that follows thinking, that is when we have to reassess our goals and our thought process. Thinking plays an important part in development but the reality is all great ideas  require action ! This is something that took me years to discover and understand about myself!Great Ideas I am a productive thinker that looks at the big picture but I lack the habit of action after thinking! Like many others, I come up with many brilliant ideas and excite myself daily, with great thoughts and ideas. Idea’s that COULD take me places but they DON’T. WHY? My thinking is creative, it easily creates inner excitement, even motivation and I am confident in my thoughts but RARELY does ACTION follow. Over time I realised that action is rarely created and acted upon after a great idea because I LACK confidence in my action. It has been a huge setback in my life and newly discovered trait of mine that needs to see change! These are some of my most common fears and walls that do not allow me to move from thoughts into action. Will I succeed? Will great success be too much pressure? Will I stand out and do I want to stand out? How original is my idea to the rest of the world? Will others laugh? Should my idea just stay where is started, in my thoughts? Are these thoughts holding me back? Is this harming my creation? Is this harming my success? The answer is YES This is the most productive way I have found to channel great ideas into action. It turns out with persistence and practice it’s actually quite simple. We all possess this natural power to put our thoughts to actions but putting thoughts into action goes much deeper. I am going to share with you the easiest way I have found to allow myself to feel comfortable with letting my thoughts channel into action and feeling good about my choices as a result. How do I do this? Think and filter what you connect to the most, while thinking focus on your level of confidence and trust yourself! MOST IMPORTANTLY make your choices in a timely manner, the best choice will feel right and STICK WITH IT! Many times we feel our first decision is our best decision and that’s totally TRUE! It always is. I always regret not sticking with my first instinct. What I have found is many people do regret not sticking to their first instinct time and time again.

Great IdeasOver thinking causes doubt:

Most times great thoughts lead to great ideas and for a good amount of time creation happens in our minds. There is a point that if we don’t choose to be confident, to trust our instinct and move forward into action doubt creeps up on us. All of a sudden we go from having great ideas to having a good list of why we shouldn’t act on those great ideas and why those ideas are not that great in the first place.

 Best steps to action:

1. Thinking / creating great ideas that feel right 2. Deciding on my direction —-thinking stops here——— 3. Making a choice, using my instinct. 4. Acting on my choices immediately. The goal is to transition from a great idea that feels good into action as quickly as possible. TRUST your instinct, trust yourself and ALWAYS keep your values in check! Focus on making decisions and taking action. If you find this difficult, take some time to build a stronger foundation in your values and a better understanding of yourself. Focusing on personal development helps build a strong confidence and with a strong confidence comes certainty and strong instincts. A few things you could focus on to really build a strong set of roots for yourself.

#1. Educate your expectations:

  • Who do you expect yourself to be? – What will you allow in your life and what will you not allow?

#2. Core Values:

  • Personal Importance of family? – Personal Importance of good behaviors? – Personal Importance of expectations for quality of life? (living circumstances?, health?, happiness?, hobbies?, daily activities? daily routines?) – Personal importance of spirituality? – Personal importance of financial stability? – What does success mean to you? (Define success for yourself)

#3. What’s your vision and purpose? Create a visual picture of your future:

  • who will you become? – what will you accomplish? – when will this happen? (aim for the distant future 5 -10 years) – where will you be? – how will you feel and how others around you will feel around you? – how will you make this happen? (Always have a strategy)

Take a minute to  answer all the questions above and write your answers!

Taking time to re-assess yourself on paper is one of the most valuable self-care activities a person could do for themselves! Great Ideas Instinct is knowing what your expectations are, knowing your values  and using them as your foundation to making choices when taking action is required. Confidence is the feeling you get when you think about: who you are becoming, what you are doing, where you are going in your life, how you are getting there and feeling good about it. Create your vision! Build strength in your core values! Educate your expectations! And in result find your confidence! Always be work in progress! I hope sharing my past experiences – helped!

Remember Great Ideas -> Require Action!

I encourage you to check out this Ted Talk – How Great Leaders Inspire Action Another great resource: Self Improvement from– – is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet. Live, love, laugh and play! Live your life to its fullest!

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Julia Maria Nica
Julia Maria Nica
Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.
Julia Maria Nica

Julia Maria Nica

Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.


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