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How To Have More Creative Ideas:

Staying at home can have an impact on how you feel about yourself if you don’t create new projects for yourself. In this article I’ve added ideas & tips on how to be productive, get creative & improve your confidence throughout the process.

What I’ll cover first is the 5 steps to being more confident & creative in your life. Then I’ll cover the list of creative ideas!


The first thing I’ll point out is that creativity is something you build over time. So many people give up on to many ideas because they don’t believe in themselves & they don’t want to invest the money & time to gain that new skill.

This is for the people that doubt their ability to be creative:

Creativity is like a muscle. You Build it by working on it.

Creative Ideas

1. Write a "TO DO List" Daily:

Writing lists is extremely powerful let’s cover a few reasons how a list can impact you from day to day & help raise your confidence.

  1. A list is the best way to offload all of the ideas & tasks circulating in your mind all day long.
  2. Writing something down is the first action you can take towards actually completing something.
  3. The task also decreases stress & improves productivity.

Writing lists allowing you to be more confident & to feel like more of a success in the life you lead.

Let’s define success for a moment:

Successful is the individual with a goal, clear intentions & a set of tasks. This person takes action towards those those specific things each day.

What this means is that anyone can be a success. You don’t have to be an Olympic winner or a renowned business person. You just have to be someone with an idea in mind & actions you take towards that idea each day.

For example:
  • Someone who wants to be a good parent & they work at that.
  • A person who wants to be crafty &/or artistic, they work on that.
  • An individual who wants to be good at their trade & they work on that.

We can achieve many successes in our lives and we are not bound to only one success type.

Create what that will look like for you in your life!

2. Boost Yourself By Getting Ready Every Morning:

The more you take care of yourself & nurture your body. The better you’ll feel.

What I call the belief booster is doing certain tasks can boost your belief in yourself. Having a morning & evening self-care routine is one of those things.

Each individual has to decide what that routine is right for them.

I’ll shower, dry & do my hair, moisturize, then put basic makeup on. Somedays I won’t wear makeup but I’ll do everything else.

Get dressed with something cute that makes you feel like you’re rocking life.

To manifest more of what you see for yourself in your life. You should raise the two following things for yourself;  your belief level, and how you feel about what you desire in your life.

This is important because the creative idea’s that you’ll take out to accomplish will guide you towards those goals on a larger scale.

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3. Clean and Create An Environment You Love:

Make your space your own by starting to clean up different spaces of your home & organizing things. Do this one area at a time. You can also move furniture around to spruce things up.

Perhaps while you’re cleaning you’ll get new ideas of what you’d like to create in different spaces in your home.

While you’re cleaning if & when you get a new creative idea. Make sure to add it to your list! Always keep track of what comes to mind!

4. Create a Creativity Budget:

I know that some people may be strapped for cash. So play within your budget. Sit down & take a look at your financial situation & decide how much you can afford to spend on “creativity & fun.”

 Leave yourself $10 – $30 to spend on a project that will make you feel good!

Investing in yourself, and your experince is a great way to transform from scarcity to an abundant way of living.

5. Get Outside & Notice Nature:

Getting out in nature is a great way to calm yourself, meditate and clear your mind. Before your walk set the intention to gain new insight & ideas on how to fill your free time with new creative projects!

Intents are always working in the background of your life. Simply asking for what you’d like to see come through for you is the start of actualizing that experience.

6.Create A List Of Creative Ideas:

I’m just going to start listing things. If something sticks out to you try it out. At least google it or learn something about it. That will help you to start creating. Finally, create a list of creative ideas that you can try out while staying at home.

10 Creative Ideas:
  1. Paint something (You don’t need to be an artist just have fun with it).
  2. Build something new around the house.
  3. Make a collage or a dream board (See The 5 Benefits of Dream Boards).
  4. Write a blog.
  5. Create a day to day journal.
  6. Google fun & easy DIY projects.
  7. Get creative with FOOD. Try new recipes.
  8.  Learn something new, you can access thousands of courses for on Udemy for only $10 – $20. Search DIY on there or write a list of something you’ve always wanted to learn & look it up!
  9. Crochet something.
  10. Start working on your dream projects ASAP. Start small