Asking For Multitasking Is Not Productive:

For many years multitasking has been the thing everyone needs to have in most environments. Whether you are applying for a job or working in a fast paced environment or simply just cleaning at home. We have been bred to think “Multitasking” is a task we need to master. In fact, Multitasking doesn’t work and it actually slows us down.
Focusing on 1 task and doing nothing else is actually proven to work better and it’s why many people find success in what they are working towards! The Power Of Focus – Jack Canfield

Video 1 On Multitasking

In this video learn about what Darren Hardy, founder of Success magazine thinks about multitasking.

Video 2 On Multitasking

In this video, learn about the myths of multitasking. You can also get your Be Bold Task Journal from The You Series! See Below!

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