Weight loss in today’s world is over complicated and most times that’s what keeps people at the weight they are at and they can’t slim down to their ideal size. Losing weight is easier than you think! What’s the point of counting calories.. when it’s stressing you out? The truth is everything in our world around us creates stress, why are we creating stress around food as well? That’s the one thing that should be a peaceful experience.

The shocking reality is.. if you’re stressing about that burger and you’re going to put it in your mouth anyways.. your going to get fat or keep your weight on you.

No, it’s not the burger’s fault. It’s actually yours!

Here is a mind-blowing idea. What if you ate that burger and LOVED it.. just enjoyed it?

Get the craving out-of-the-way and do it with JOY!

The stress you are accumulating by stressing about the carbs, cheeseburger and fries… is actually what keeps your body tensed up. Not allowing you to shed any weight.

Here is the top mindset to build for natural easy and stress-free weight-loss.

Your goal is to forget completely about you trying to lose weight and start focusing on having FUN.. living life. Truthfully, when you accomplish this state of mind, is when you will see the most results in your body!

1. Remove Stress!

You can do breathing exercises for that in the mornings and evening! 10 sec in… 10 secs out!. Do it even 3 times a day… but BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is most important. You want a lifestyle change in your health and your weight.. When you do breathing exercises, that physically tells your body you are relaxed and it can relax! When your stressed out, your body purposely retains fat. Watch Dr Libby as she talks ineptly about this. The fat begins to melt off your body as you decrease stress making losing weight is easier than you think!

2. Don’t STRESS about eating a burger or pizza. Those “unhealthy foods” are only making you fat cause they stress you out. Just ENJOY that experience.

Most people don’t realize that “stressing about those calories” usually actively creates more stress in their lives! Your body doesn’t need that! So your better off eating that burger and enjoying it! 

“Remember the goal is to…. forget completely about you trying to lose weight and start focusing on having FUN.”

3. Teach yourself to CRAVE HEALTHY FOODS!

Find simple ways to improve your nutrition bit by bit. Find that psychological hunger within your to learn more about your health.
AM: “Easy smoothie, 1 banana, half a cup of blueberries with half cup almond milk!!”
LUNCH… “Yummy salad tomato salad with avocado, sea salt and olive oil.  Fish!”
The more you think salads the more you crave them!! You can get creative with them :)! Focus on foods that grow from the ground!

4. STOP eating before BED!

Your body is a machine.. it will work if you give it work. When you sleep you want it to also rest and rejuvenate! give your body a few hours to digest before you go to bed. Let it rest properly. late night is a huge cause of weight gain or retention. Accomplishing this habit will prove to you that losing weight is easier than you think!

5. Find a healthy alternative for every unhealthy craving!

You can still eat chocolate every day!!! Organic cocoa, stevia and almond milk make a great hot chocolate! Coconut oil chocolate, Healthy brownies… NO FLOUR… NO SUGAR!! There are millions of recipes online that have healthy alternatives that support you removing flour and unhealthy sugars from your diet.
There is only one catch! You MUST be looking for it! You need to become curious and seek to FEEL better inside of your body. If you feel better inside of your body, in no time you will look sexier, feel sexier and wake up realizing you lost weight to look fabulous and had no time to focus on counting calories.

6. Fitness

If you are the person that has not yet built a routine for fitness. You need to be reading this. Everything takes time and start with what you love! Find ways to love fitness. Grow bit by bit in your mental strength and body strength.
Tony Robbins talks about how everything in life that we do, we do it moving towards pleasure and away from pain. The fitness reality is if it’s psychologically painful, it will never happen. You have to find the pain in not being fit and not working out. Perhaps feeling weak in your muscles, your body and having a hard time walking up stairs. Seeing yourself at an old age and barely feeling like you can move. Or creating deep desire to look your bodies best. Fitness for women starts with perspective.
Everything begins with the mind and how we perceive things to understand this and you will find fitness and losing weight is easier than you think! Don’t do something that feels gruesome.. but do it cause you want more and feel results.

7. ONE Step At A Time!

It’s important to look at the top of the mountain and have goals and a vision for yourself in your life. But sometimes that can be intimidating. So create your over all vision but always focus on the step right in front of you on the way to the top on the mountain. Take one step at a time just putting your focus on that next step and soon enough you will find you get closer and close. Then one day you find yourself at the top. Everything takes time! everything is simply trial and error. As long as you keep moving forward you will have results in your life.

Keep seeking, keep learning and you are on your way!

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