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I’ve had some of the worst scaring between the age of 19 & 24 years. I had about a 2 year period of time where my face was covered in acne. I spent a lot of time trying many different products. From proactive to many variations of the counter face washes, masks, etc.  After scarring on my face, I also began researching what I could do as an at-home remedy or care routine to reduce or completely remove my scarring. This is when I came across derma rolling, rolling scars or also referred to Skin CIT.

In this article, I will share with you what worked for me.

1. Support Your Body Nutritionally With High-Quality Multi-Vitamins.

I seem to always be around people who have a lot of knowledge about natural healing, body & skincare. Doctors, nutritionists & holistic nutritionists always powerful knowledge about health to share.

In the search to heal the acne on my face. I came across the information about the difference between high-quality supplementation vs. However low-quality supplements. The difference in quality is huge. You can find many low-quality supplements are cheaper and sold at stores like Walmart.

An “apple test” on multivitamins will tell you the quality of the multivitamins.

What I found was that acne is a nutritional imbalance happening in the body. In addition, there are things you can do both nutritionally & externally that will help reduce acne.

As a result of my findings, conversations with nutritionists & research, I started taking a high-quality supplement that was recommended to me called Usana.

The Supplements That I Took:

#1. USANA CellSentials™

Cellular nutrition system: Core Minerals™ & Vita Antioxidant™

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#2. Proflavanol® C100 

Groundbreaking bioflavonoid & advanced vitamin C supplement.

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#3. BiOmega™ Fish Oil

High-quality, ultra-pure fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acid) supplement

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#4. CoQuinone® 30

An optimal combination of Coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid.

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Firstly, these products helped my body in so many ways, the huge cysts on my skin decreased. Secondly, I felt more energy and my heartfelt stronger. As well as any anxiety that I had, seemed to have disappeared.

As a result what I love about Usana is that they believe in educating you. So that you know information about the supplements you’re taking. Most importantly each product has an excess of information about what it’s impacting in your body.

As the acne disappeared I found that I would no longer get massive cysts on my skin but I’d have some blemished from time to time. Unfortunately my skin had scarred from the acne I had on my face.

2. Home Made Essential Oil Creams & Foundation.

My skin was incredibly oily and needed to be taken care of on the outside. My Mom taught me a cool do it yourself at home day & night cream trick. That I started using.

I also started adding my own essential oils to my foundation with started healing my skin.

Here is what I add to my homemade face creams.

Basic Cream Instructions:

  • Find a small container or mason jar.
  • Add about 5 + drops of essential oils.
  • For the zinc & vitamin A capsules, I wouldn’t ingest the brands of supplements linked but you can use them topically. Just break the capsules & add 1 to the mixture.
  • You can play around with the formula to see what works with your skin.
  • The Night Cream can be oily as long as you apply it right before bed. The ingredients will help heal any acne on your face.
  • If you’re only going to make the day cream & you have acne… add Tea Tree Essential Oil to it. It helps to fight acne.
  • If you’d like to add oils in your foundation to reduce & heal your acne. Add a touch of Vitamin E, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Rosemary Essential Oil.


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Day Cream:

  • Complex 15 Face Cream 100ml (You want an oil-free cream to use as your base.): Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Vitamin E (Safe to use in the sun): Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Peppermint 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil – 30 ml: Buy now on Amazon.ca 
  • Rosemary (Spanish) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil: Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Lemon Eucalyptus 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil: Buy now on Amazon.ca

Night Cream:

  • Complex 15 Face Cream 100ml (You want an oil-free cream to use as your base.): Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Vitamin E (Safe to use in the sun): Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Vitamin A (Not safe to use in the sun): Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Zinc Liquid: Buy now on Amazon.ca
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil: Buy now onAmazon.ca or
  • Lavender Essential Oil (for sent & ance support): Buy now on Amazon.ca

3. Derma Rolling & The Dermapen (Rolling Scars):

I wanted a natural chemical-free approach to reducing my scars. As soon as I found out about derma rolling, I did a lot of research & found that it’s a powerful way to reduce scars. It’s also something that you can routinely do at home. I wanted to save money & not spend $300 – $500 for this treatment.

The first Derma Roller I purchased was a small .5mm needle roller. I used it every week for 6 months. My scarring reduce greatly so I upped the needle size. I did this rolling scars protocol every few weeks consistently.

Later, I bought a Dermapen when technology became available online.  As technology gets better more & more is available to us.

As I understood The benefits of using the Dermapan, I felt more & more confident about using it to reduce my acne.

What you need:

  1. Derma Roller / Dermapen (Start with a .5mm needle then work your way up to 1.5mm or 2mm needle): Buy the Dermapen now on Amazon.ca
  2. Numbing Cream (Optional, if you can handle a little poke.. you can do it without the numbing cream): Buy now on Amazon.ca
  3. Vitamin C Serum (This helps with healing): Buy now on Amazon.ca 

Using both the Derma Roller & the Dermapen is what helped reduce my scarring, it makes my skin feeling tighter, as well as more smooth.

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Julia Maria Nica

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