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Buying products can always be expensive and any time you don’t know what’s in them! Here are 7 cool DIY at home beauty tips…. and self-made household beauty products you must know about!

What you put on your skin and in your hair gets absorbed, it’s important to be aware of what’s in your products and how you use them! Some of these techniques have really enhanced peoples overall health when it comes to their beauty routine!

1. Coconut Oil!

Coconut Oil has a variety of uses, some of them are wildly trending like oil pulling but it also has great benefits for skin, hair and teeth whitening.

Have you seen the cool new Coconut Oil Pulling product?

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2. Hydrogen Peroxide Has An Unlimted Amount Of House Hold Uses!

Hydrogen Peroxide has an endless amount of uses. It’s actually extremely powerful in fighting bacteria, you can learn more by reading this article 64 Wonderful Hydrogen Peroxide Uses and Benefits. 






3. Make Your Own Bronzer:

Cocoa has a ton of great health properties and can come together quite nicely as a bronzer!



4. Home Made Anti Aging Creams:

Let's face it, we're all getting older. But that doesn't mean we have to break the bank buying expensive anti-aging cream and wrinkle treatment. You can whip diy wrinkle cream and diy eye cream in a jiffy. They might even work better than those expensive brands!

These 10 recipes use high-quality ingredients that effectively hydrate your skin and help prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

View 10 At Home Anti Aging Recipes







5. Plant and Berry Oil’s for Sunscreen

Natural oils protect your skin from the sun while moisturizing your skin. Each oil has a different SPF!

Read More About Using Oil as Sunscreen







6. Teeth Whitening At Home:

There are so many chemical-free ways to whiten your teeth at home. From Coconut oil to baking soda… even apple cider vinegar!

Read More On How To Whiten Teeth Naturally At Home





7. Essential Oils For Your Conditioner

12 Essential Oils That Work Wonders For Your Hair & How To Use Them


Have you tried it yet? If you haven’t this is hand’s down the best at home treatment you can do for your hair! The essential oils leave your hair silky smooth!

Read More About Adding Essential Oil’s In Your Conditioner


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