Great Work Environment

Top 4  Steps to Creating a Great Work Environment: 

Aside from having the best environment to work in, being productive is most important. So let’s see what promotes productivity and creates a great work environment. These are simple tips you just need to be mindful about at the very least which will improve your work space… where ever you choose to sit and work for the day!

#1. Focus starts with you, the deeper your desire is to get what you need, done in a timely manner. The faster you will complete your task

#2. Have a list, in order for the most important to the least have a list of what you need to complete. Make sure to CHECK them off after you are done. There is something about checking a completed tasks  off a list that is extremely satisfying!

#3. Set a time, always keep track of your time. Time is the one thing that cannot be bought in the world and yours is valuable so treat your time with great respect.

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#4. Treat yourself when you finish, it’s important to always celebrate your successes.. so the next time around you are even MORE excited to get back to it and complete what you have to accomplish. Train your brain to look forward to working on what you need to work on. Celebrate every single success you have may it be small or big. Get into the habit of being addicted to checking everything off your list.

#5. Go somewhere that relaxes you, put yourself in a clean environment you enjoy to be in. Everyone is different, a great working environment may be a quiet office for one and for someone else it could be a hip coffee shop with good music.  People are productive in different environments. It’s said that changing up the location that one chooses to work at, changing the environment can actually improve creativity.

Here’s some really cool interactive work places to look at:

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Here is a little video from Marie about stopping interruptions:


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