Often times wanting adventure is one thing but really having a great adventure is another. How to find adventure? When we seek we find and the truth is adventure finds you when you go out into the world and simple just stay curious! The world gives us many gifts of adventure every day, it’s important to acknowledge those gifts. Often times you may already be adventurous and not even realize it!

1, Define adventure for yourself – Adventure is different for everyone, figure out what adventure is for you and what adventures activities you have the most fun doing!

2, Look back in time –

What did you do for adventure when you were younger?

What was your favourite trip to take with your family?

What was your favourite activity to do when you were young?

What were your favourite sports growing up?

3, Thank about how you feel about outdoors? – Loving and appreciating nature is not only exciting, but it’s also healthy. It’s said that 1 minute of enjoying the outdoors can decrease stress by 80%

4, Adventure is an everyday thing – seek out ways on how to have an adventure in your everyday life be creative and enjoy every day of life! there are lots to celebrate!

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