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3 Simple Steps to Self Love – Fantastic Friday

Self love step 1: Accept and embrace yourself for everything you are.¬†You are amazing, and often times we forget to give ourselves credit for everything we are and have become. Embrace where you are in your life today.. life with 1 goal in mind and that is.. in your future when you will look back you will see a happy excited younger you.. don’t let criticism and judgement take your mind overs.

Self love step 2: Learn to forgive! First forgive yourself – Find compassion for yourself and your younger you.. everyday you grow older… looking back you need to have compassion for yourself everyone makes mistakes and there is one main key to removing regret and that’s learning anything from your past.¬†Learn to forgive others – though compassion and understanding you can equip yourself with the strength to forgive others. Remember everyone is doing the best that they know at the current time, even when they may have wronged you and hurt you deeply. Gaining compassion then viewing the situation objectively brings you wisdom and helps you view everything from the 3rd perspective¬†

Self love step 3: Take the time to listen to yourself and do what’s best for you – Journal and write what’s going on in your mind. Get past all the fluff and what your ego tells you. If you ask – the universe will provide the answers to you.

Take a few minutes out of your day and practice to say these 3 powerful words “I love you” there is no shame to loving yourself because if you don’t who will? We only get the type of love we give ourselves and feel we deserve. It’s so important to grow love and admiration for yourself!

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Take a moment to comment below and tell your story and talk about some of your goals towards self-love!

Thank’s to Laverndiare for talking about these 3 steps to self-love on YouTube! You can also watch her video below!


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