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10 Best Way to Celebrate Life – Thriving Thursday

Let’s explore some of the best ways to truly feel you are celebrate life as much as possible and capturing moments that are important!

  1. Take care of yourself! The best way to celebrate life is having a weekly ritual where you do something that makes you feel taken care of and reminds you that you do tend to yourself! It may be; indulging in your fav. desert at your fav. restaurant, making sure to have your manicure done every week (At home or in the salon), treating yourself to a massage, or simply going for you favourite walk!
  2. Glam and doll yourself up! The first most important indication of self-care and celebrating you is the steps you take to feel great in your own skin. Sometimes it may just mean you wear your best pair of jeans or add that extra makeup that makes you feel fabulous! What show’s on our outside is a direct indication of how we feel inwards!
  3. Acknowledge yourself for little accomplishments! Take time everyday to reflect on your past successes, small or big. Sometimes great accomplishments are the simple things not just big job promotions.. like taking an afternoon to take care of yourself or acknowledging yourself for smiling extra that day. Noticing your gratitude and simply just saying  to yourself “Good job you rocked it today, you are fabulous!”.
  4. Have FUN is one of the best ways to celebrate yourself! We all know a glass of wine is great but what about going to the nearest pack and just hanging out on the swings or taking yourself on a little adventure meeting someone new for the day. We most often feel life when we are having fun or seeking adventure outside of our daily routines!
  5. Keep a deep connection and intimacy (In-to -me -I- see) with yourself! Look in ward. One of the best ways to celebrate yourself is working on who you are and what you want! Sitting down once a week and journal your thoughts homes dreams and successes for that week!
  6. Count your blessings! “Were focus goes energy flows” It’s so important to count your blessings and celebrate them, everything we do everyday is effected by our perspective!
  7. Celebrate others! Celebrate your community! Life is made up of the wonderful people we choose to have in it! Take time every week to celebrate them.

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The YOU Series
The YOU Series is a community based around HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. Focusing in on YOU and your growth in life.
The YOU Series

The YOU Series

The YOU Series is a community based around HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. Focusing in on YOU and your growth in life.

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