You are Not as Successful as You Could Be

Why You Are Not As Successful As You Could Be

Why do you think you are not as successful as you could be? Perhaps you are always focusing on what needs to be fixed? Focusing on what’s not good enough is a recipe for more “Not good enough.” Always focus on what you feel amazing about. Which is why it’s said to “Count your blessings”. Start putting “I Can” or “I Will” at the beginning of all of your sentences. In time you will find that more amazing things will happen! Remember to always be grateful!

Here are some positive things to focus on:


  1. best the best version of myself
  2. love every moment
  3. be kind
  4. succeed at what I’m working on
  5. have great adventure
  6. save
  7. go on my ideal holiday
  8. travel
  9. live in the moment
  10. find forgiveness
  11. have fun
  12. be happy
  13. have contentment
  14. be in love
  15. do something great
  16. be an influence
  17. succeed in my field
  18. be a great wife/husband
  19. be a great mother
  20. change my world
  21. change the world
  22. set an example
  23. love myself
  24. be amazing


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