Self Love and Relationships

Self Love and Relationships have changed greatly, as I observe the North American culture and habits with dating, I am sure single life is the best thing that happened to me. I am not saying true love is impossible in fact… quick dates, late nights and lack of boundaries make it less likely that an individual finds the person they are right to be with.

Jumping from relationship to relationship is the unhealthiest habit. We all crave attention and love. It’s said that babies who are not nurtured with love and affection in their first few month of their could die. Babies who should have not survived grow to live in health because of attention and the love from their parents after birth. We are beings of habit, we need attention and love from our very youngest years. As we get older the habit cycle changes, we no longer lean on our parents for love and attention. Standing as our own individuals. The challenge is habits continue and we tend to look outward for attention and love. This is a continuing challenge that every individual faces.

A sustainable and successful relationship comes from FIRST… paying attention to personal attributes, personal needs and SELF LOVE!  Powerful individual who are strong in their roots know themselves, what they want and need in their life. Have you ever heard of that saying “If you can’t love yourself then you can’t love others.” that is the reality. If you don’t know what you need and you don’t LOVE everything you are, a relationship is nothing more than an unhealthy satisfaction of receiving attention and love from another individual. I repeat this to all of my friends. When I see unhealthy relationships, I know it is merely a lesson. In these relationship I generally see a lack of boundaries,  a lack of communication, a huge lack of values, lack of self-love and sacrifice an individual doesn’t need to be making for that kind of relationship. After getting out of one of these relationships a person feels like they are completely off track and finding their path again seems incredibly difficult. Many times it feels like boundaries have been  nonexistent and compromise has been turned into a “one way give.” It’s most likely because paying personal attention and SELF LOVE rarely took place in that relationship or didn’t even exist.

All of this for attention and love from someone else? It’s not even worth it!

What is a healthy relationship? When two powerful individuals come together and grow. While applying healthy compromise, giving with love and creating more BLISS to their lives. A healthy relationship is always a GREAT addition to your life! You should feel set free like anything you want to accomplish is possible with the right partner.

Doesn’t that sound so much better?


When you don’t know yourself you don’t pay attention to yourself, and you most likely are unaware of your personal values and needs. Please remember it’s okay to need something, we all have a huge list of psychological needs in our life that have become a part of us in habit from childhood and of course there are the physical things every individual needs like something as simple as nutritious food and water.

Questions to ask yourself for improvement in personal attention and self-love:
  1. Who is the person I want to be? (#1 step to self-love)
  2. Why do I love MYSELF? ( Write a list ever day!)
  3. What do I deserve from my partner or friends and family?
  4. What are my values?
  5. What are my dreams? ( It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who wants to live all over the world and all you want is to permanently live in your little suburban home.)
  6. Who do I want to be surrounded by? (It’s important to know the type of people you like to be surrounded by because being in a relationship that brings the wrong type of people into your life is the last thing you need!)
  7. What is my faith? ( A relationship is like a strong team and its hard to be on a team that has opposing beliefs.)

When are you ready for the right relationship?

When you spend the time knowing what you want from the self love and relationships in your life.

There are 3 things you need to have accomplished:

  1. You don’t blame your EX for your last bad relationship. You take full accountability for your past.
  2. You have forgiven your EX
  3. Single life must be AMAZING.

You will meet the right person when you least expect it! Spend your spare time growing and loving life. Learning great mindsets and becoming the person you aspire to be. That’s the power of understanding yourself in self love and relationships!

until then……

Single Self-Loving Life Is The Best Thing That Happened!


Julia Maria Nica
Julia Maria Nica
Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.
Julia Maria Nica

Julia Maria Nica

Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.

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