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I have been a mother more of my life than not. It has never been a dull moment, to say the least.  Having four kids showed me that we are all bornparenting a teenager with our own personality, thought process, and way of learning. Learning to lead my children and adapt to what words and processes work for them has helped me shape them, but once they turn 15, they want to be on their own. In this blog, I will share my top tips on how to parent a 15-year-old. So you can feel like you’re being a good parent and not lose your mind. 

As a mother, one of the hardest things for me has been to let go and let them make their own mistakes. Let them take risks and make their own choices within reason. Teenagers still need discipline and boundaries set for them, but this is a magical time in their life where they still have the comfort of home and a mother’s love and freedom for the first time. You can be there for them when they do something stupid, get heartbroken, and don’t know what to do. Because once they are in the real world, it can be a cold and unforgiving place.

But how do we let go? 

How can we sit back and watch them make mistakes? 

It has never come easy for me, but I have figured out key things that have helped me along the way and implemented them with my teenagers. Now my two oldest are adults living independently and thriving in life.

My Top 7 Tips on How to Feel Successful When Parenting a Teenager: 

  1. Think back to what it was like for you at 15; what are things your parents did to help support you, and what were things they did that didn’t
  2. Stay calm even if it takes everything you got. People don’t listen when you are yelling at them, especially teenagers. 
  3.  Short meaningful conversions often are the best way to reach them. I find it best if you are in the car with them.
  4. Privacy is a privilege, not a right Teenagers may act like they dont want boundaries, but they crave it. 
  5. Spend more time with them whenever you can without smothering them
  6. Self-care is a must to keep you calm and patient with your teen
  7. Get a life, become a happy mom, and have other interests and friendships outside of your family

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Parenting is forever changing.  It requires going with the flow and learning from your mistakes. Adapting to your surroundings will help you with the 7 tips I have provided. You need to see what works for you, your teen, and your family, but it’s always nice to have a starting point.

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Truly N Thomas

Self-Love Life Coach

Truly is a mother of 4 children. As she has overcome her hurdles in life she found her passion in focusing on working with Parents to build a better relationship and environment with their children. As well as serving others with tools & guidance in Self-Love as it was the most transformative turning point in her journey.