I was sitting at home. Striving to make my dreams work. I asked my self. “What do I have to do to begin making a lifestyle change and really transform my life because I don’t like where it’s at.”

I was in an unloved state – Both self-love and lacking the embracement I wanted in my life. Yearning to be loved and hungry to get out of my situation. Dying to make my dreams happen. I was sick and tired of the dead end cycle I was running around in.  At the time I lived in a basement which I couldn’t stand. I kept working jobs that didn’t align with me. It was not where I wanted to be in my life.

I new I wanted massive change but I had no idea what It would look like or how it would happen.

Having worked various jobs, both professional and casual. I was serving at the time and it seemed like everything was going wrong. I remember sitting down with my business accountability group, telling them that I felt something was wrong. The universe was not happy with where I was at and I felt as though it was pushing me in another direction.

That next evening I went into work thinking to myself… “what if this is my last day, how would I feel about that?” I responded to myself “Everything happens for a reason and if this is my last day. Being here is no longer a part of my purpose.”

There I was working a Sunday evening, understaffed in the kitchen.. food times were much to long and to top things off the manager that was on the floor that evening, never particularly like me. Towards the end of my shift I noticed one of my tables, talking to my manager and the man was unhappy. That’s when I new it happened, I could feel it was time and I could only anticipate what was next.

I felt helpless because despite all odd’s. I worked really hard and remained committed to this job that wasn’t serving me or aligning with me. There I was at the end of another gig.

Where Change Began To Shine Through

That was my last day working at a job I did not enjoy or feel truly connected to.

Luckily. I reached a point of faith and understanding that, the world is ALWAYS working for me. Even if I feel like all HELL is breaking out. It’s actually a blessing just about to shine through.

As I was observing myself, my reaction and my thought process. I found myself at a place of complete detachment. I had let it all go.

That evening, I made a promise to myself. If I’m going to do anything in my life. It’s going to be what I believe in, what fires me up every morning and I refuse to ever run, endlessly around the one thing I should be doing. You see, for so many years I’ve been building The YOU Series. Creating my vision for it and sorting out the fine details.

I finally OWNED what I should be doing. That evening I decided I would commit to impacting, influencing others, spreading good value and LOVE. Focusing on my own personal journey to bliss. Removing anyone that doesn’t love and understand how to embrace themselves and others along the way.

Making this scary decision for myself and declaring I have had enough. Choosing to put an end to the on going cycle that wasn’t serving my growth. Lead me to, greater opportunity, adventure, and mentor-ship beyond my imagination.

You see, sometimes in life.. we are attached to all the wrong things and stop ourselves from taking the leap. It’s usually because our PAIN and FEAR of change.. are both greater than the idea of us living the kind of life we really aspire to live.

But I can promise you this. If you can take the leap and stop convincing yourself that the situation you are currently in is “Enough”. Than set out to becoming more aligned with who you truly are.  I promise you, great things will happen.

Taking The Leap

There is a LEAP involved.

I had no JOB – I said I would figure it out. I would focus on my brand and never focus on something that didn’t align with who I am, what I love and I’m working towards. It takes one moment and a powerful decision where you say “NEVER AGAIN. I’M NOT GOING BACK.”

I can’t help but to think back to how many diet cokes I served people. Literally telling myself “I’m pretty much supporting these people towards their death.” I only felt like that because I myself don’t drink pop and for the most part maintain a really healthy lifestyle. Pop is JAM PACKED with sugar and I kid you not some people would order 10 -15 refills. I felt sick after work, just from that experiencing.

Talk about not being aligned with my core values. You see everything we do. Must align with who we are and what we believe in.

Looking back to all the pop’s I served I wish I just said “No” one day and quit.. things would’ve moved along much faster!

That lead’s me to my fundamental steps for being more aligned. Living BOLDLY and TAKING those adventures. Making a lifestyle change you can be proud of!

My 7 Steps to Making A Lifestyle Change

1. Know your values and live in line with them

  • Don’t DO things against them.
  • Don’t BE around people who don’t align with them.
  • Strive to BE them everyday.
  • Work only in the environments that support & strives for everything you believe in.

2. There are “TAKERS” and “GIVERS”

  • Givers usually attain a much deeper sense of self-love and understanding of themselves that they can give freely.
  • Takers will take, generally you will find yourself complete depleted of energy around these people. They are afraid of life in many ways. They are also incredibility insecure and have little self-love.

3. Sometimes you should say “NO” because I promise you “YES’S” will reveal themselves.

  • When the wrong people or opportunities come into your life. You can say “No”. you don’t have to give everyone your time or always respond. Be selective and always decide with your values.
  • When you say “NO” you will find “Yes’s” that align with you will open up soon after! This will fuel you forward to joyfully saying “NO” to all the wrong people and opportunities.

4. Spend the money and do the work:

  • I’ve spend thousands on growing learning about myself and the business I am in. It has brought me into alignment with the right people who support my vision!

5. Pain? or Pleasure? Becoming aware of how your mind works:

  • We all move towards what’s pleasureful and away from what’s painful.
  • Become self observant of what’s painful to you and change that perspective.
  • If you can change the things that are painfully holding you back … you can move forward!

6. Network in the right places, build powerful connections and make the right friends.

  • Focus on people who align with what you believe in
  • Be vulnerable about who you are and where you have been
  • Share your vision and voice what you are working towards.
  • Build powerful connections

7. Be Bold, Be Love, Be you.


  • Once you start embracing who you are and really own that – begin to remove the people who don’t really embrace you.


  • Love begins with gratitude, have ton’s of gratitude. Send love, be thankful, share your gratitude for what you already have in your life!
  • Create an abundance of love and encouragement in your life! Love – Yourself, Love – Others & SERVE!


  • Be the YOU, that you feel best as. Don’t worry about what other people thing. Unattached yourself from opinions, criticism, and judgement

Reclaim your life by taking a new direction that excites you. It might be a little risky and scary but it’s worth it!

I went from a dungy basement, to a trailer and now living in a beautiful hotel overlooking the ocean in Panama. Learning so much about myself and what aligns with my dreams and goals.

I am grateful to say I have so much love and support in my life from like minded joyful individuals.

If you love what I talked about and are looking for transformation in your life:



My dungy basement suite, I had multiple roommates worked 6-7 Job’s in 2.5 years and I also made good money running  an Airbnb.

making a lifestyle change
making a lifestyle change

My one month trailer experience!

making a lifestyle change

My NEW adventure in Panama

making a lifestyle change


Julia Maria Nica
Julia Maria Nica
Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.
Julia Maria Nica

Julia Maria Nica

Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.


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