Knee and Eye Recovery Testimonial


Bogdan Testimonial PictureThis is my knee and eye recovery testimonial!

I am an avid Skier and Windsurfer. Just about 5 years ago I injured my knee in a ski accident. I suspected that it would heal in a few months but 4 years later my knee was incredibly stiff it unfortunately only recovered about 50%. I could barely bend my knee at a 90 degree angle. To lay down and do sit ups was an impossible task to take on due to the inflexibility of my knee. I started windsurfing when speedos were very popular and wetsuits were not yet available on the market because of cold wind and water my back became sensitive and every now and then I would experience an insistent unpleasant level of back pain! In January 2014th I was always in pain and complaining about my knee injury, Julia my daughter gave 4 pills of the Usana Procosa product. After Taking the first 2 pills in the morning I was surprised to realize that by noon my knee was bending and the inflammation in my knee went down! I am a software developer and from time to time people who work in computers developed very painful eye pains, it got to the point where I would receive severe eye pains everyday this effected my life greatly and at one point I considered changing my career because of the pain in my eyes was becoming unbearable at work especially. When I realized that the Procosa product helped my knee recovery, I asked about any Usana eye support products. That’s when I started taking Usana’s Visionex Eye Support Formula.

Today I still work as a software developer, I was able to keep my job! My eyes feel great and I have not experienced eye pains for months now! My knee has recovered at 98% and it allow me to do sit ups, my knee feel better than I ever expected! I am so impressed with my knee and eye recovery! Throughout this experience I have learned the value of high quality supplementation and I have physically seen the change in my body and experience the effect of powerful potent products. It’s so important to choose a safe and effective bioavailable product. I would recommend Usana to anyone! I think it’s the best investment anyone can make in their health!

Products I take on a daily basis; Usana Essentals, Usana Procosa, Usana Visionex, Usana  Proflavanol C, Usana Hepa Plus and Usana Vitamin D!


Purchase your Usana Essentals (Mutli Vitamins) , Usana Procosa (Joint Formula), Usana Visionex (Eye Formula), Usana  Proflavanol C, the liver formula Hepa Plus (Canada), Heplisil (USA) and Usana Vitamin D… products today at

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Top Product Benefits:

– Eye Benefits

– Joint Benefits

– Skin Benefits

– Liver Benefits

– Whole Body Benefits


Julia Maria Nica
Julia Maria Nica
Spending years in seminars and business seminars. Julia found common patterns that send people into the cycle of confusion and sorrow in their lives. Helping many in her path she realized life has three valuable components to it and it's a combination of great health, abundant wealth and lastly powerful self-love and vibrant long lasting Relationships. She then decided to create The You Series and become a Life Coach. Her mission today is to help others get clear on what they are here to contribute, giving her clients the tool's to move forward in fulfillment, boldness, and clarity in what their life mission is.
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