Julia Maria Nica 

Julia is a Certified Life Coach,

with training and Certification in NLP as well as holds a unique Dream Coaching Certification. She has spent countless hours throughout her life – in sales, understanding business and people.

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Julia Maria Nica grew up in Vancouver, B.C. and immigrated from Romania to Canada in the 90’s with her family. After high school, Julia decided to find her passion. With great admiration and love for working with people. She spent a couple of years in customer service, then moving forward and gaining experience in Real Estate and Marketing.

Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges and faced common walls we all come across. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. Julia found common patterns that send people into life’s typical ocean of confusion.

Empowering many in her path, she realized life has three valuable components to it. Balancing a combination of great health, abundant wealth, powerful self-love and vibrant long-lasting Relationships.

“My Purpose is to be in bliss, to be deeply inspired. With what inspires me to turn around and share forward what I learn. This sparks change, ideas and dreams in people”

Julia’s works with people who are looking for more alignment in their life and seek to get clear about where they are going. Creating a clear picture of their dreams and knowing what their life mission is.

As a result of her coaching and guidance, they sort their pain and break down walls that hold them back from getting to their success story in love, relationships, and career. This allows them to find their inner strength, fulfillment, and joy.

She sparks idea’s and dreams in people. With her deep-rooted values, she creates the space and provides the tools for her clients to center themselves, align with who they truly are and sort their path.

"Sparking Ideas and Dreams In People, Live a Fulfilled Life You Love!" - Julia Maria Nica

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