7 Day’s To Unshakable Confidence Course

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Intro With Julia
Lecture 2Course Over View
Lecture 3All Downloads
Section 2Day 1
Lecture 4Day 1 Intro
Lecture 5We All Wear Different Spectacles
Lecture 6Why Confidence?
Lecture 7The 7 C's Of Confidence
Lecture 8Phases Of Developing Confidence
Lecture 9Questions Phase One
Lecture 10Take Ownership
Lecture 11The Definition Of Commitment
Lecture 12What Are You Committed To?
Lecture 13Are You Interested Or Committed
Lecture 14Unkept Commitments
Lecture 15Defining Important Commitments
Lecture 16Day 1 Review
Section Quiz
Section 3Day 2
Lecture 17
Section Quiz
Section 4Day 3
Lecture 18
Section Quiz
Section 5Day 4
Lecture 19
Section Quiz
Section 6Day 5
Lecture 20
Section Quiz
Section 7Day 6
Lecture 21
Section Quiz
Section 8Day 7
Lecture 22Introduction
Section Quiz
Section 9Bonuses