“You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it” –  Jack Canfield

The one question that most people have and few have answered:

What is my Life Mission?

How big can my dreams be?

If it’s not realistic, then does it really matter?

Am I going to have support?

Can I really feel fulfilled and centered everyday?



The Challenge:

Some of the most common challenges and fears are faced by all of us at one point in our life. Dealing with relationship issues, health Issues, concerns about death, fear of running out of money or not being able to work anymore,  anxiety over finding or losing loved ones, and concerns about the future.
When challenges strike we can end up feeling alone, confused, unsure about what decisions to make and what direction our life is heading in.
Waking up for you isn’t always easy…
The chatter in your head is so loud it won’t stop…
The stress is overwhelming and you are just not sure what direction to head in or what you really want…

Do you want to be HAPPY and FEEL centered?

Do you want to work towards your DREAMS everyday?

Don’t know were to begin?



1. Connecting you with what you want, and who you are.

2. Finding your Life Mission.

3. Building a vision and multiple dreams for your life.

4. Allow you to create and actualize your dreams.

5. Setting your dream’s into action

6. Solidify your belief in yourself and setting you on your path.

7. Building an unbreakable mindset. Using tools that guide you daily

What My Clients Have To Say:

Nick Romick
President, CEO/ Producer, VCGA Meet Up

“Working with Julia always gives me a boost of energy and motivation. She has this energy that you just can’t help but let inspire you.”


Taylor Opheim
Helping Estheticians Build the BEST Spas

“Working with Julia has been fabulous! She’s very knowledgeable and able to guide my springboard entrepreneur mind into useful, actionable thoughts. She’s Also Very good with keeping you accountable which has proven invaluable! Highly recommended”

Krista Whiteside
Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Consultant

“Julia has been an asses in helping me develop the mindset to succeed in business. She has taught me a variety of valuable skills that have allowed me to take my business to the next level. Her practical, easy to practice approach has been a game changer for me. I am so grateful for Julia and the transformation work that she does!”


 “Julia changed the way I think when I come across difficult paths in my life and business career, It’s always important to look at the pig picture and stay positive. You will always encounter issues in the process of success and Julia taught me how to handle those issues with specific tools that I use and by having a clear positive mindset!”

One On One - Quick Insight

$ 67

One Time

  • 30 minutes call, first week – one on one
  • Solve 1 challenge in your life
  • Set 1 tasks &  1 action plan.
  • 10 min accountability call, second week 
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Clarification Consultation

$ 129

One Time
  •  3 hour, 2 weeks – one on one
  • Find life mission in 4 steps
  • Gain tools that empower you 
  • Set of tasks & action plan to fulfill
  • Accountability call, second week
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4 Steps To Success SystemMost Success Rate

$ 329

One Time
  • 5 hour, 1 month – one on one
  • Find life mission in 4 steps
  • Learn to master 3 powerful states
  • Set of tasks & action plan 
  • Accountability call – every week
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60 Day Purpose & Dream System

$ 1499

One Time
  • 12 Hours,  2 Months
  • Find life mission in 4 steps
  • Learn about purpose and set yours
  • Build a vision & dreams
  • Learn to take bigger risks
  • Weekly actions &accountability
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