Blogging For Dummies – Simple Tool’s You Can Use To Build A Fabulous Blog!

There are so many options online when it comes to blogging researching online can become a headache. If you have an idea, we encourage you to get on it and start blogging about it! What you have to say is worth sharing! Here is a break down of the top things you should check off your list, when you’re starting out or simply not finding success. These are the task’s that will round-up to supporting your blog impeccably. Blogging for dummies is the only way you need to think about your tasks, know that they are easy to be broken down.

What You Need To briefly Understand:

1, What having a Brand, Logo, Tagline is all about. You can Either create it yourself will tools that we suggest before or you can get a professional to do it. If you are creative don’t hesitate to try it out yourself, your brand may turn out to rather likable

2, SEO, Search Engine Optimization – Understand how SEO works. and know the basics, find a keyword and write about that subject! Just keep creating content! Stay relevant and stay within your Niche. If there is anything you should be doing often and from the very beginning is creating any type of content.

Make Sure everything you do leads back to your website

  • Create Blogs
  • Create Ebooks, Audio Books
  • Create Course
  • Create a Podcast

3, Social Media – Know how to build your social media so you can reach a bigger audience. There are always short video’s and a wealth of education and knowledge online. If you don’t have time for that hire a social media expert that can help you with your social media.

4, Guest Blog – Your network is your net worth, meet like-minded people and exchange content.  Publish your content on author sites in your niche – There are hundreds of sites that are built for guest posting and expert authors in different niches.. find a few sites you want to work with and start writing! You just have to start googling for guest blogging in your niche.

5, Always Be Building An Email List, have at least 1 free offer – You ALWAYS want to continuously connect with people who have already come into contact with your brand. So set up an email list but also offer visitors something for free that they can benefit them and add them to your list!

How to bring it to life:


Canva – FREE for designing any template, header, social media post or header for your business, the best part is it’s DRAG and DROP!

PicMonkey – FREE make your pictures and designs look even better.

Fiverr – 5$ DEALS ON EVERYTHING ONLINE! Get people who already know what to do, do the work for you. Get your logo created, your website designed, and a million other things.

IFTTT – Automate your social medias, and other business schedules.

Feedly – Stay up to date with your top inspirational leaders in one place and get more idea’s for your next blog.

Hootsuite – FREE for 5 accounts, set your social media on auto pilot for free!

Buffer – FREE for 5 accounts, set your social media on auto pilot for free!

Mailchimp – FREE email list builder does not include auto responders and other automatons for email subscription in the free version.. but you can totally set us a free RSS campaign and automatically email your list about new blogs!

 Start simple, this is really blogging for dummies. You mindset should always be “This is simple.” “It’s easier than I think.” Keep it simple and it will be. Always be looking for resources!


The YOU Series
The YOU Series is a community based around HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. Focusing in on YOU and your growth in life.
The YOU Series

The YOU Series

The YOU Series is a community based around HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. Focusing in on YOU and your growth in life.

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