Are you ready to tap into

your self-love and create

a confident you?

Creating Confident You Program is a 3-month 1-1 coaching program tailored to allow you to step out of your own way to help you stop dreaming and confidently take action with your life. 

Are you struggling with any of the following :

Do you feel completely stressed out with kids, family, and life? 

Are you Overwhelmed by Mom guilt because you struggle to balance work and family? 

Do you have no motivation to eat healthily or work out?

Are you missing Purpose outside of the family? What’s your life purpose? 

Do you lack confidence and live each day in fear worried about keeping your kids healthy & safe?

What if I told you life does not have to be this way.

Are you ready to :

Create a powerful perspective shift that allows for freedom of mind.
Clarify who you are & what’s important to you.
Shift your perspective about fear & no longer give it so much power.
Reduce stress & look at stress in a completely different way.
Step into abundance, which raises the vibrational level you live at.

Take action now because you are worth it.

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Welcome to

Creating Confident You

Creating Confident You is a 3-month 1-1 coaching program tailored to allow you to step out of your own way to help you stop just dreaming and confidently take action in your life. 

Lifestyle Recalibration & Accountability Throughout Program:

Focusing on lifestyle recalibration is important (unlimited access via text & email). I am there with you to work through any breakdowns; answering any of your questions gives unlimited support and accountability during your program. We will personally track and calibrate your goal, so you see the success you desire.

Classify exactly what’s important to you, and gain clear direction:

Understand who you are, what’s important to you, and start making decisions for yourself in your life. It’s imperative to build powerful self-confidence and inspire your family to follow in your footsteps.

Build self-trust and self-worth that’s powerful and uninterrupted:

When it comes to your vision, dreams, and goals, it’s important to have self-trust and self-worth. We work on your perspective about your life and the limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

Create a clear purpose for your life and step into it powerfully:

Feel on purpose with everything that you do. We teach 3 types of purpose that are implemented in 3 different areas of life. Being proactive and clear about where you are in life and what you’re doing is imperative for your confidence.

As a result, learn to communicate and set strong boundaries in relationships:

Successfully communicating boundaries and creating new possibilities and win/win relationships is so important. We focus on covering your relationships in creating confident you because we found that the individual’s relationships have a massive impact on their confidence level.

Create a strong vision for your life and as a result experience more fulfillment:

In Creating Confident You, you will own new dreams, create a vision for your life, this creates fulfillment in your life and allows for alignment to happen.

Learn to guide yourself towards your dreams through powerful intentions:

It’s important to have dreams but setting goals and dreams without knowing the intention winning formula is like running around in circles. We make sure you can attract what you ask for with ease and in peace. We help you fit it into your family life with ease.

Create a mapped-out plan for your goals, vision & life that you start taking action to instantly:

Having dreams without a plan isn’t an effective way to actualize those dreams. We focus on sharing an effective clear planning formula and teach you the tools you need to know to build confidence while planning and taking action.

Gain freedom of mind, reduce stress and experience peace:

In just the first session, 100% of clients experience this result. This program infuses your life with the right knowledge and clear action steps you need to take to feel confident and excited about what you’re creating! Which helps you feel more positive about everything you need to do to be the best mom you can be.

When The Going Get Tough

Focus On Self-love

Core Program Focus Area’s:

Everything that we do in Creating Confident You focuses on building a well rounded, FULL and JOYFUL life.

The DREAM You:

Confidence is everything about how you see yourself, and who you are becoming. The foundation of Creating Confident You is all about taking a look at the following 3 areas of YOU!

  1. Your HEALTH, how healthy is your mind and body?
  2. Your LOVE level. Are you taking care of yourself first and foremost?
  3. Your RELATIONSHIP with yourself, how do you treat yourself when you fall short?

Your DREAM Community:

Do you love the relationships that you have in your life? The relationships any individual holds has a massive impact on their confidence level. Community stands for the people that you’re surrounded by, that matter to you, like your partner, spouse, family, friends, and other connections. We look at the same 3 areas when it comes to your dream community.

  1. Community HEALTH, do you have healthy conversations with the people in your community?
  2. Community LOVE, are you surrounded by a community that embraces one another?
  3. Community RELATIONSHIPS, how do you hold the relationships in your community?

Your DREAM Career:

The average person spends 40 hours +, a week at work. Your career matters, it has an impact on how you feel about yourself. Everything that you’ve ever done for work fall under career! We visit the same 3 areas in your career, we first look at the health of you in your career. Then, we also look at your love for what you do. Lastly, your relationships at work.




Hi, My Name Is Truly!

It all started 7 years ago… But first, let me introduce myself.   My name is Truly N Thomas; I am a life coach and my life mission to help Moms unlock their self-love and create their own inner happiness. I do this by teaching the Creating Confident You: Stop Dreaming & Confidently Take Action Program in partnership with The You Series. I was severely depressed, overweight, and married with four kids. On top of all that, I was utterly overwhelmed, and my marriage was falling apart. I felt hopeless with my life due to carrying around the burdens of my toxic childhood. I felt like a burnt-out mom; all I did was go to work and take care of my family. It truly felt like no one was taking care of me, and really, I was right! 

I was completely neglecting myself and my mental health. I didn’t love myself, and I expected my family to make me happy.

I was not working on my mental health and, to be honest, didn’t know where to start. My parents never taught me self-love; they didn’t even have the tools to show me. My teachers didn’t teach me because that was not in the curriculum. My friends really could not help me because they were in the same boat as me.

There I was 31 with four kids and separated from my husband and 60 lbs. overweight, and I was just ready to give up. Then I had an idea, I needed to start taking care of myself and worry less about what I can’t control, so I started working out and eat healthier. 

At the time, I was working at a health food store. I had everything I need around; I need to shift my mindset, so that what I did. I could feel improvement right away, and it felt so good to do something healthy for myself because I never did before. The feeling lasted for about a year, and then I started to slip back into old patterns. I had a tough year, and on New Year’s eve and I committed myself that “I was going to be happy or die trying.” I started to pull away from everyone except my kids, and by Valentine’s day, I met a fantastic life coach that helped me transform my life.

She helped me with my past, taught me self-love tools, and helped me unlock my life purpose. I discovered that I wanted to live life each day with an open heart and stay in aliment with my core values while I inspire others to do the same and remain teachable to new ideas and beliefs. 

Now that I am a life coach, my life mission to help moms unlock their self-love and create their own inner happiness with our coaching program. You will Stop Dreaming and Confidently Take Action.

A Msg From Truly:

I will support you create a powerful perspective shift that allows for freedom of mind. Together we will clarify who you are and what’s important to you. I can help you clarify what holds you back from taking action and shift your perspective about fear. Wouldn’t it be nice to live with less stress and look at it differently?

Get ready to learn tools to navigate your relationships in a way that improves your confidence, set boundaries, and improve your communication. I will get you comfortable with asking for what you want and inspire people with your vision. These skills will help you with your children, family, and career.

As we work together, we will get clear on what’s in alignment with when it comes to your career and how to create intentions and actions for its success. Let’s clarify what an aligned career looks like and build confidence in your workplace. By the end of our program, you powerfully own your career dreams and step into them with firm belief and self-worth.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create new dreams, accomplish old dreams that have not been fulfilled and take action to them confidently?

This system is for turning your dreams into action, and I will teach you that everything is about planning and executing the plan.


How does the Creating Confident You Program work?

The Creating Confident You Program is a 12-week process where Truly works 1:1 with clients. To get into the program, you have to complete the application, book a call, and invite the program.

Applications are now open! You can apply by clicking any of the orange buttons above!

How can I get a chance to talk to Truly?

Truly does not take unscheduled coaching calls. To get access to Truly as a Life Coach and work with her 1:1, everyone must go through the application process. Truly can answer any further questions via email at or Instagram @trulynthomas if you send her a private msg.

When does coaching start?

Coaching starts as soon as you are invited into the program and have completed your invoice and client onboarding processes.

The sessions will be scheduled in alignment with Truly’s schedule and the client’s schedule.

If I start the program, how and when do the calls happen?

All calls are 1:1, held over the phone with Truly in private. You receive new content each week along with action steps to complete throughout the week. You have access to Truly throughout the program for any questions you may have.

I want to make sure I make the right decision; what do I do?

Trust the process, and if you have any questions, you can reach out to Truly at or @trulynthomas on Instagram DM. Anyone who is not the right fit for this program will be pointed in the right direction.