Julia Maria Nica, grew up in Vancouver, B.C. and immigrated from Romania to Canada in the 90’s with her family. After high school Julia, decided to find her passion. With great admiration and love for working with people. She spent a couple of years in customer service, then moving forward and gaining experience in Real Estate and Marketing.

Just like many women, she experienced her own self-image challenges and faced common walls we all come across. Spending years in personal development and business seminars. Julia found common patterns that send people into life’s typical ocean of confusion. Empowering many in her path, she realized life has three valuable components to it. Balancing a combination of great health,

abundant wealth, powerful self-love and vibrant long-lasting Relationships.

With great core values and carefully choosing what The YOU Series will be centered around. She started a platform for experts to share their knowledge and for anyone to grow with The YOU Series taking their life to the next level! Creating a community of health, wealth, love and relationships. This is the best place to be to learn about us!

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About Us and Our Community of Health, Wealth, Love and Relationships

The YOU Series is a community of HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, 3 valuable factors for living a great energy filled life. Focusing in on YOU and your growth FIRST. We are committed to providing you tips, systems and tricks to better your life.

Think about it…..

You can have all the wealth in the world but imagine lacking good health and not really having any sustainable relationships around you.

Ask yourself.. Would I be truly and genuinely be happy?

You can have great health, feeling energized and strong but how riveting would it really be with a lack of people worth loving around you? Think about the constant struggle that may be caused by the lack of money.

Ask yourself.. Would I be truly and genuinely be happy?

Setting the intention in your life and feeling worthy for an abundance in all of these things is what we want for you here at The YOU Series.

Let us be your HUB for prosperity in your everyday life!

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Share the love!

At The YOU Series we invite you to work with us.

Are you an expert in your field, looking for the opportunity to reach your next audience and through service connect with  a community of health, wealth, love and relationships meet like minded people that have one goal in growth and that impacting others and setting them on their way to….

the you series

Do you work in the Health Industry?

Financial or Wealth Industry?  

Do you work with Love, Romance and Relationships?

Check out our Core Values and Our Mission and see if what you do aligns with our focus and contact us with your mission and a little about you.

Join our community of health, wealth, love and relationships!

Our goal is to give people the best information and empowerment in these areas of life To watch others prosper. Upon being a good match for The YOU Series, you can become a published author and write up content to promote yourself as a professional. All articles are published on our Social Media’s – Facebook , Twitter ,  Pinterest and sometimes Instagram

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