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What You'll Learn

1, Breathing for stress relief:

Learn about the mental benefits of deep breathing and how it changes the human body.

2, Powerful Nutrition:

We are what we eat. Gain a deeper understanding of what food does to the human body.

3, Understanding The Victim, and How It Can Cause Setbacks In Life:

Learning about common thought patterns that hold us back. Gaining an understanding of how they affect our responses and results in life.

4, Gratitude – Building It In As A Habit:

Clarifying the powerful effects of gratitude, when we form it as a habit.

5, Values and Their Power:

Can you list off your top 8 values? How good are you at making decisions? Are you clear about what you want? This is one thing that allows us to make better decisions.

6, Learning About Leadership:

How we can be better leaders in our life.

7, Give/Give is a Win/Win:

The power of giving in the right relationships.

8, What Focus Can Do For You In Your Life:

How owning in on a task can transform your life and empower your progress.

9, Learning To Receive and Understanding That You Can Share Your Gifts:

This section covers the power of saying yes. The more we open ourselves up to new experiences. This section shows you how you can use your gifts in life to help and empower others and why you are worthy of doing this work.

10, Service:

Give and in return, you will be given to.

As a result of reading this, you will build a foundation for you to thrive in!