5 Things To Do To Get Over A Breakup  and Feel Empowered

At some point after sobbing one to many times you are probably going to find your self asking. What are some things to do to get over a breakup? When a relationship doesn’t work out, and you look at it realistically. Most relationships are not healthy. A healthy relationship is designed with standards, dreams and goals.  At The YOU Series we like to talk about these things every week. Focusing on giving you tips and trick to feel more confident, fulfilled and being your amazing self from day-to-day.

Breakup step 1: The 2 Components to Reflection

  1.  “Yes Again” or “Never Again” – Look back on your relationships. Empower yourself by deciding what you will accept and what you will never accept in your life again.
  2. Learn from Everything! – If you don’t want to have the same bad experience again. Find what there is to learn from your past experience and relationship. Think about how you need to react and what you need to do differently so it’s doesn’t happen again.

Breakup Step 2: Self-Love

Revamp your goals and dreams to fit YOU and only you.

Breakup Step 3: Celebrate YOU

Celebrate how beautiful you are and find the self-worth inside of you.. knowing you have lots to offer and have so much love to give. Trust yourself through out the process. This is one of the most powerful things to do to get over a breakup. Celebrate your body and beauty. The more you focus on how fabulous you are, the more radiant you will become and have a super glow in your eyes and skin!

Breakup Step 4: Have FUN!

Take some your time and have FUN! Go out with girl friends, start a blog, find your passions and live your life vibrantly. Knowing that moving forward “Life will be different.”

Breakup Step 5: Learn About Men:

Begin to learn more about how men think, and why they think that way. Secret’s Men Don’t Want You To Know Course  So next time you are prepared and have the knowledge and understanding you need.

Breakup Step 6: The focusing on YOU Day-to-Day Break Down:

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Celebrate Life With Gratitude Daily

What you focus on grows. So in order to fulfill your heart with joy and feel blessed, you must see the simple things that make your life beautiful!

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It’s easy to get carried away and loose lots of sleep. Sleep is so important when it comes to health and beauty! That’s why they call it beauty sleep.

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Have Courage

Ask for what you want and own it! If you never ask you will never know the answer. Don’t be afraid of the answers but instead focus your fear on not knowing the answer.

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Be Excited

Spend every second of everyday finding the excitement in things! Psychologist have done studies, were they find that there is more excitement fulfillment and joy. In planning and imaging a vacation, then the actual experience it’s self.

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Have The Abundance Attitude

Abundance is knowing there is enough to go around however many times it’s needed. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. Scarcity is never feeling like there is enough and ultimately this is a mindset. Abundance is know that there is plenty to go around for everyone. If you have an idea or plan knowing you are in the right place at the right time for you. Money alone, knowing that money NEVER runs out and comes around..

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Always Send Love

Starting with your ex boyfriends. SEND LOVE. Forgiveness and love are a personal experience and cleanse your heart.

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Money Goals

Focus on what you want to accomplish in your career. This is not about what someone else wants but particularly focusing on you and what you dream to accomplish. In your journal write down that specific NUMBER. Plan for success and decide what you want through out your whole self-love process. How much do you want to make? Break down what you want to accomplish… What do you have to do? Shoot for the starts because YOU are worth every second and every penny! This is definitely one of the best things to do to get over a breakup.


The YOU Series
The YOU Series is a community based around HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. Focusing in on YOU and your growth in life.
The YOU Series

The YOU Series

The YOU Series is a community based around HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. Focusing in on YOU and your growth in life.

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