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10 Things My Pet Taught Me About Life

Meet Bella, Bella has fans and she has haters being the small little dog she is, here are some things my pet taught me about life and it’s valuable lessons she taught me in my 11 years of having her in my life. Our pets have the ability to teach us some really valuable lessons this is what my dog taught me about life with her unconditional love!

1. To love someone or something doesn’t mean that they will always excite you. Love is a choice and sometimes things can get annoying but it’s the choice to love and cherish that anyways that makes the difference.

2. Gratitude and appreciation, Bella’s not getting any younger. I’m the youngest I’ll be… as are my family and friends. If there is one thing we can do right by this earth is love the people who matter to us EVERY MOMENT and let go on the crap… Through having Bella in my life I’ve learnt what it means to appreciate someone even if there being a little annoying. There is little things my pet taught me like how the supply of gratitude and abundance can truly continue on and never runs out.

3. The gift of trust, we trust others when they tend to our feelings. Bella has always been there through the good and the bad. She doesn’t pick to hang out with me only when I’m awesome and happy.. She always is there through the good times and the bad. Giving people those little tokens of trust and hope that they matter.. Taking the time to notice them. Is everything when it comes to trust.

4. Life runs out but how we impact others in their lives, lives in people’s hearts forever and can be talked about for generations. The bigger the impact we make, the greater significance we have. There is one thing I’m sure we can never regret and that’s fully loving people.. Doesn’t matter what.. Soaking in their presence and being grateful to have the wonderful people in your life… around always keeping in mind time is limited with them on this earth.

5. Speak kind words and attention matters. Everyone wants to be included and loved. Everyone wants a little bit of attention… Especially Bella!!! If there is an issue with someone in your life perhaps all they need is just a little more attention from you and things will get better. When someone acts out, perhaps give them a little more attention and things will get better.

6. True love is something we feel comfortable giving to those who we completely trust. As we tend to the needs of those around us, trust is build. True love happens only when a solid foundation of trust is built. If trust is broken it’s simple because needs and emotions have not been met with compassion.. Trust can be rebuilt in time by tending to those emotions with love.

7. Disappointment is temporary, sometimes people can disappoint us.. But with forgiveness and tending to those feelings building trust again.. We naturally forget our disappointments and move forward with gratitude.

8. Time is everything and time makes relationships beautiful. The more we have someone in our life the more we grow to appreciate them and the deeper our love for them gets. (I think society has it the other way around with love starting out strong then fading.)

9. Seeing someone at their worst is okay and as that moment in time becomes the past.. We actually find beauty in those moments and they turn into strengths.. Then we start to see those weak worst moments as powerful, impactful and beautiful.

10. Best friends are the ones who set their wants, feelings and judgement’s aside and just show up and be there for you when you need them. These actions and the gift of TIME is what measures best friendship and nothing else.

You see.. Bella has always been there for me through the best times. The things my pet taught me through the adventure and was always there to cuddle me through the worst times. She does not judge me nor does she tell me to suck it up. She just give me unlimited support.. Treating me this way.. She has gain massive trust from me.. She has impacted my life in so many ways.. Encouraging me to love and appreciate, teaching me attention works and building great compassion with in me. I have gained trust is this little being to truly love. You see Bella is older now she can’t jump on couches like she use to, she whines when she wants something as she is a little helpless nowadays. But she does not irritate me. I am grateful for being blessed with her everyday.

Lessons are everywhere.. Appreciate the all loved ones in your life today. Always have the courage to say I love you.. And have the awareness that time is always ticking and you never know when someone’s clock will stop working.

These are all keys of truly living in the moment and soaking life in where ever you are and with whom ever. These things just like the things my pet taught me we can teach others through love and compassion.

It may sound ridiculous but sometimes we don’t need to talk to teach people a thing or 2 maybe we just need to be there love them and cuddle them just like our pets do for us every day.


Julia Maria Nica
Julia Maria Nica
Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.
Julia Maria Nica

Julia Maria Nica

Spending a few years learning and a few more seeking to understand human psychology, business, plus sales. Julia shares her insight to empower others to lead authentically fulfilling lives in all spaces of their life.